it is done

i was really touched by the last shot (one of them, anyway) of Friends, with the various copies of the keys being left on the table – an amazingly poignant scene achieved with a few little chunks of metal.

it’s been a sick weekend well spent! so i’ve finished watching Friends. before chan5 finished showing it, actually. HAH! i beat it!

it’s been a really great series. i suppose maybe cos it deals with “20-something angst with light-hearted punchlines and puppy-like sentiment”, something i’d tend to swallow hook line and sinker at this age. oh yeah and i’m quoting from this life! article which talks about the shows these days being taken over by those trashy reality shows (condescending adjective my own).

wonder what it’d have been like if i’d actually followed the series for ten years. its end would probably have been so much more impactful for me and everything. then again, thinking of how many hours of advertisments i’ve saved myself from enduring, i guess it’s not that bad a tradeoff after all.

television is just such a waste of time =P


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