Monthly Archives: September 2004

strange relationship

eh. was watching sg idol earlier with my mum when there was a realisation. you know that contestant david yeo? the law yr2 guy. well apparently we’re vaguely related? haha. well i’ve seen his dad at family gatherings before, but don’t really remember him. as in david. shrug. (oh, today’s show was themed family whatever thingy so they had some video clips with their family and so that’s when my mum recognised their family)

heineken ads are so cool! saw the jennifer aniston one just now. i’ve seen it before, but kinda forgot about it liao. then i remember loving the ice bucket one last time. the one with the quando quando quando song. does anyone remember that one? it’s labelled as ‘pain barrier’ on the heineken site. then again, after watching the others there, i think it’s one of the lousier ones! oh well.


my sister, the seer.

(i keep asking my sis to fetch stuff for me, so she’s probably a little irritated by it. but it’s so convenient! haha.)

me: ey get some spoons leh…

sis: why you always ask me to get things for you one? so lazy. next time nobody marry because you so lazy not my fault ah.


staying out is expensive! i’ve withdrawn $377 from my bank acct so far. actually not so bad lah, $191 was to help my bro do something. still! i’ve been using the atm a LOT more than when i stayed in… feels weird.

even then, still much much better than staying in =P

i’ve had a really packed weekend. friday night i caught 新警察故事 (new police story). it was very entertaining, but i still emerged from the cinema feeling less than satisfied. dunno lah. same feeling as with the terminal? yah.

so the next day (saturday) afternoon i met up with meiling. she’s been back pretty long and i never did meet up with her much! terrible. should have gone out more during my trainee period i guess. blah. oh well.

then at night it was to ecp to eat at a hawker which i haven’t been to since i was a little kid. the satay bee hoon stall’s still there! haha. i assume it’s the same one anyway, there’s a queue for it. then after ecp we went to esplanade. hung around till almost 2am. then had to go because (i think) the carpark was closing then. and it was AHM the next day there so we didn’t want to be trapped overnight.

incidentally, i was involved in AHM today. so back to esplanade area at 0715. it was the sheares bridge run, to be more exact. 5km only lah, while many of my fellow conscripts suffered the full 21k. bwahaha. they never actually told me which distance i was supposed to be running, they just told me to fall in at the same time as all the 5k and 12k runners. so i took the path of least resistance lor. bleah.

also, i was trying to get done as early as possible, since meiling flew off today. 1240 flight.

she’s gone again! bah.

so off to the airport i went. at first i’d thought it’d be weird with her group of friends, but there weren’t that many. it was quite ok! maybe i’m becoming less antisocial, maybe it’s because they’re pretty nice people, maybe it’s because i’ve met most of them before (briefly at least), so yeah it didn’t. feel weird, i mean.

after which i came back home and slept for awhile and now have a hangoverish headache. ow ow ow ow ow.

thus the title. ow.


in a bid to resuscitate my rotting brain, i’ve taken to reading some introductory texts on various subjects. so far i’ve read sociology and political science. i don’t know if it’s just that they don’t interest me too much, or it’s too cheem for me, but i started skimming after reading about 1/3 of each. just too detailed lah. hmm.

i was rather intrigued by the political science stuff though. think i’d go find out more about how the system in the local scene works.

what’s next in line for uni subjects? think i’m left with the boring-er stuff already. haha. oh well. see how lah.


tada. the blog’s upgraded. there’re still some wrinkles i’d like to iron out, but can’t be bothered to right now. haha. so there.

milking cash cows

FRIENDS LIVES ON! in a little spin-off called Joey.

i haven’t caught it yet, but should be able to watch the pilot episode tomorrow. hope it’s good. sure, it’s different, but yet. it’s the same!

sheesh i’ve turned into a crazy friendsfan. bah.

weird dreams

gah. last night i dreamed i got married to this girl i know. the funny thing is that i’d previously dreamt about being together with her. more than once. and she’s not even someone i’d liked before! i mean, considered before, maybe, but never really seriously. and she’s already attached! as far as i know.

irritating things, dreams are. and if they’re supposed to be reflections of the subconscious, can’t i be having less-weird subconscious thoughts? bummer.

on a (vaguely) related note, i think i want to get married by the time i’m 30. preferably before, actually. is that just crazy or what? singaporeans generally don’t get hitched so early anymore. and i’m not even seeing anyone now! jeez.

i guess i just want to get to see my grandkids (hopefully) before i start turning senile.

time galore

long weekend was heavenly. saturday in particular. the ability to wake late, sleep late, was so… holidayish! yay. feels like good ol’ school days. kinda. whee.

i’ve been having too much free time lately. haha. i’m not complaining (yet), but i’d really better find stuff to do soon. otherwise it’d be like back to the mindef days of meaninglessness.

i should start going out on weeknights again! i think i’ve got so used to the stay-in routine that going out after office hours just feels so weird already. sheesh.

where's my moola?

i think i want a imac g5 when i’m studying overseas. haha. may as well get an ipod with that, yah? hmm.

it’s pay day today! but i only got CPL pay. crap! ah well. i guess i’d get backpay next month then. i hope. ^!##!$ cheating me >$100…

it’s also the first saturday i get to benefit from supreme leader’s 5-day week policy… hooray supreme leader! may your signature grace our dollar notes for years to come. or whatever. as long as my ns life gets cushier. haha. oh no i’m one of those politically-apathetic cows who bites at any carrot dangled in front of him.


it is done

i was really touched by the last shot (one of them, anyway) of Friends, with the various copies of the keys being left on the table – an amazingly poignant scene achieved with a few little chunks of metal.

it’s been a sick weekend well spent! so i’ve finished watching Friends. before chan5 finished showing it, actually. HAH! i beat it!

it’s been a really great series. i suppose maybe cos it deals with “20-something angst with light-hearted punchlines and puppy-like sentiment”, something i’d tend to swallow hook line and sinker at this age. oh yeah and i’m quoting from this life! article which talks about the shows these days being taken over by those trashy reality shows (condescending adjective my own).

wonder what it’d have been like if i’d actually followed the series for ten years. its end would probably have been so much more impactful for me and everything. then again, thinking of how many hours of advertisments i’ve saved myself from enduring, i guess it’s not that bad a tradeoff after all.

television is just such a waste of time =P