unwanted cleaning

i absolutely abhor the autoflush system. on toilet bowls, anyway. it’s really irritating when in the middle of a… um… business transaction you get some uninvited torrent of water rushing into the middle of things. or maybe it’s just me. hmm.

went to watch 十面埋伏 (house of flying daggers) today. i must be the only person who actually enjoyed the show. not very much, actually – mainly i’d liked the directing – but i was actually ok with having sat through the whole (2 hours?) of it. from what i’ve heard, it seems like nearly everyone else on this planet hated that show.

my course finishes this friday. no idea what my posting is yet. or who the top 3 trainees (the ones who get bayonets) are. i’d probably be getting the best knowledge plaque (assuming i didn’t do too badly for the final exam)… gosh, i must be like the only guy who actually listened when they announced test results. (don’t let the others know! they’d probably think i’m some kind of freak or something…)

i need to come up with a list of things to do once my course is finished. i might get started on it tonight, or in camp this week, but those of you with suggestions are kindly invited to leave their thoughts here! could do with all the help i can get.


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