brains, Friends and friends

i’ve upgraded my processor. that’s like the ‘brain’ of the computer… from 2.4GHz to 3.06GHz. also supports hyper-threading, which from what i’ve managed to gather means that software recognises my computer as having two processors, which somehow gets things even faster. oh well.

i’ve also discovered how easy it was to get episodes off the net… i’ve finished watching the second season of friends already and probably should have at least up to the fifth season by next weekend. whee.

sometimes i love hanging out in a clique. not in a gigantic gang (gosh i hate those) or a small group (which most of the time i like best), but something in between… six of us were out at suntec this friday and it was just such fun. i guess it depends on the people as well, but it was really nice just sitting in a circle and talking whatever crap pops into your mind…

met one of my friends today, who’s leaving for america in 4 days’ time. i’d be in camp at that time… probably won’t be seeing her for about a year. come to think of it, i was probably very lucky to have been able to go out so often with those who’d left last year… anyway, she seemed quite nervous about the whole thing. who can blame her? leaving home, family, friends, just… change in general.

quite daunting, yah?

i’ve always been rather apprehensive of those milestones in life i look forward to. like how i’m looking forward to finishing my course and being promoted to sergeant, but also worried (about where i’d end up and what i’d do, i guess). i’m definitely looking forward to ORD, but gosh i think i’d be rather panicked when the day actually arrives.

not to mention the day i actually leave for the uk.

only 3 weeks left before course-end… woohoo! finally, some time to do important stuff.


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