Monthly Archives: August 2004


i’m a radio instructor. my main responsibilities will be teaching the radio sets to the operators (non-officer, non-specialist signallers… kinda the ‘basic’ ones if you prefer to think of it that way) and to assist in their exercises. like tag along in case they screw up and stuff. overall it seems quite ok… it’s stuff i’ve got a vague interest in. instructing. haha.

gotta brush up on my radio knowledge a little, though =P

apparently i’ve got only one chance to go taiwan before i ORD, but i’m probably not going since i’ve got so little time left they want me to concentrate on instructing. hmm. should i request to go taiwan? it’s kinda interesting actually, going overseas. free! and as support staff only. free! whoohoo. hmm. aiyah. i’d let fate (or random luck or whatever) decide lah.


maid service wanted

just spent like 2h reorganising my closet. or trying to, anyway. the end result is still rather messy, but at least it’s vaguely categorised. and i got rid of a ton of clothing i’ve never really touched before. some hand-me-downs and mum-bought-stuff and poor-shopping-decisions. very little of that last category, actually, since there’s very little in the shopping-decisions group to begin with =P

gah i detest tidying up! if any of you knows a nice girl who likes to tidy up, can you please introduce her to me?

shiny new toy


wahaha. i’m quite happy to have received this, especially since just a few weeks ago i’d never have expected to get it. i didn’t get best knowledge in the end, because there was a 2SG (an SI instructor actually, who needed to go through my course since he’d just signed on) taking the course who got nearly 100% for every test. oh well. the bayonet’s good compensation =P

in addition, i’m being posted back to SI! yay. probably stayout. last i’d heard, my fate hasn’t quite been decided yet… manpower shortages have me being thrown about like a discarded toy. or maybe a toy in great demand. i dunno. i’d know on monday though. hmm.

unwanted cleaning

i absolutely abhor the autoflush system. on toilet bowls, anyway. it’s really irritating when in the middle of a… um… business transaction you get some uninvited torrent of water rushing into the middle of things. or maybe it’s just me. hmm.

went to watch 十面埋伏 (house of flying daggers) today. i must be the only person who actually enjoyed the show. not very much, actually – mainly i’d liked the directing – but i was actually ok with having sat through the whole (2 hours?) of it. from what i’ve heard, it seems like nearly everyone else on this planet hated that show.

my course finishes this friday. no idea what my posting is yet. or who the top 3 trainees (the ones who get bayonets) are. i’d probably be getting the best knowledge plaque (assuming i didn’t do too badly for the final exam)… gosh, i must be like the only guy who actually listened when they announced test results. (don’t let the others know! they’d probably think i’m some kind of freak or something…)

i need to come up with a list of things to do once my course is finished. i might get started on it tonight, or in camp this week, but those of you with suggestions are kindly invited to leave their thoughts here! could do with all the help i can get.

say what?

have you ever really liked someone (in the friendly type of way), haven’t seen that person for a really long time, had no idea what to talk to that person about, and basically be terrified of meeting up with that person while really wanting to?

you haven’t? ha. thought not.

sg idol

singapore idol is highly amusing… wonder what it feels like being a judge? seeing all those clown acts. haha. and breaking people’s hearts. not-so-haha.


brains, Friends and friends

i’ve upgraded my processor. that’s like the ‘brain’ of the computer… from 2.4GHz to 3.06GHz. also supports hyper-threading, which from what i’ve managed to gather means that software recognises my computer as having two processors, which somehow gets things even faster. oh well.

i’ve also discovered how easy it was to get episodes off the net… i’ve finished watching the second season of friends already and probably should have at least up to the fifth season by next weekend. whee.

sometimes i love hanging out in a clique. not in a gigantic gang (gosh i hate those) or a small group (which most of the time i like best), but something in between… six of us were out at suntec this friday and it was just such fun. i guess it depends on the people as well, but it was really nice just sitting in a circle and talking whatever crap pops into your mind…

met one of my friends today, who’s leaving for america in 4 days’ time. i’d be in camp at that time… probably won’t be seeing her for about a year. come to think of it, i was probably very lucky to have been able to go out so often with those who’d left last year… anyway, she seemed quite nervous about the whole thing. who can blame her? leaving home, family, friends, just… change in general.

quite daunting, yah?

i’ve always been rather apprehensive of those milestones in life i look forward to. like how i’m looking forward to finishing my course and being promoted to sergeant, but also worried (about where i’d end up and what i’d do, i guess). i’m definitely looking forward to ORD, but gosh i think i’d be rather panicked when the day actually arrives.

not to mention the day i actually leave for the uk.

only 3 weeks left before course-end… woohoo! finally, some time to do important stuff.


i detest the way i’ve turned out.

i’m a selfish, boring, insignificant nobody just drifting along carrying on what barely passes for as a life. i used to be different (boring still, yes, but a nice type of boring), but goodness knows what’s happened. or have i always been this way? are these rose-tinted glasses upon my nose?

the feeling of distance from everyone has dragged on till today. i guess that’s a big reason why i’m typing this now. cos i feel sucky. it’s like… i don’t know. words escape my mind. what’s left of my mind, anyway. i’m really stupid now. don’t let moe know, but they’re gonna be paying for a product that’s far inferior to what they’d expected. shush.

i’ve seriously no idea what i’m doing with my life. or maybe i’ve got an idea – totally nothing. nada. zilch. there’s a serious lack of short-term goals here. it’s all very well and nice to come up with possible things to pursue, but i’d end up asking myself for what? i mean. in the end, what difference does it make? in the end, what difference does anything make?