signal review

life at signal institute has been highly enjoyable for me thus far. it’s not just the slack culture (we’re given more than an hour of free time after breakfast and lunch, and the last lesson usually ends by dinnertime, after which it’s slacking again). well, i guess that’s a big part of it. but for the first time in a long while in my ns life, i’m actually doing stuff which i find interesting.

what i’m doing, by the way, is basically stuff regarding radio and line communication (line communication’s like setting up simple telephone networks and stuff). it’s not exactly the most interesting thing out in the world, but i definitely enjoy this stuff as compared to the cheong sua life.

leopard-crawls, shellscrape-digging, that’s not exactly my preferred vocation.

i’m actually studying for the tests i’m going through here. i was only aiming for best knowledge initially, but my brother kinda encouraged me to go for top 3 trainees (who’ll receive a funky gold or silver bayonet as a memento). the top trainees are apparently more likely to stay in SI as instructors. the odds aren’t that bad – my course strength is only 20.

free souvenir, (relatively) cushy posting, what’s there not to like? hopefully i’m good enough, though. haven’t exactly been excelling in the military so far.

oh well. time will tell.


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