slack signals

life is good.

well, compared to before, anyway. signals is really slack. so far. like for the past few days, training has been ending after dinner. so like 1830+ i have free time to do whatever i want (usually some reading) then sleep by 2230. that’s 4 whole hours! heh. well, i’d still have to do some exercises which aren’t as slack as i’d envisioned (i still have to do another 32k march apparently! EX ENDURANCE. gah), but overall it seems alright. plenty of physics involved for the first few lessons… regarding radio waves and power supply and stuff. haha. i actually quite enjoy it! whee. those rusty little wheels in my brain are starting to turn again…

the niceness of it all is marred by the sheer abundance of guard duty, though. which basically involves staying awake 50% of the night and looking out for intruders, and resting uncomfortably in a crappy little room the other 50%. worse still is when it’s weekend duty… burns into bookout time. like i only came out this morning… and i’m booking back in tonight?!? sucky. since signals is involved in ndp, there are very few people left in my camp doing guard duty… i’d probably end up doing a weekend duty every alternate week. that seriously sucks. gah.

i feel this overwhelming sense of irony, somehow =P

at least i managed to accomplish some (little) stuff in the short time i was out today! like replacing my spoilt cable modem (yep i’m back on broadband!), ordering a bunch of xbox games (larlarlar~), and i’m gonna meet up with zhaoqing later! haven’t seen him for like, months. close to a year even! who’d have thought that i can actually start missing his irritating china voice. bleah.

ok time to do some homework. poof.


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