Monthly Archives: June 2004

mi goreng

10x rectangular containers – $2.54
5x indomie migoreng – $1.68
5x myojo mee poh – $1.73
average cost of one noodle meal – $0.60

i’ve succumbed to temptation! during the last few months i’d occasionally bought cup noodles to consume in camp, but the cost of those darned things (the nice nissin ones anyway) was too prohibitive. i’d always known the packet ones were much cheaper, but i’m lazy to wash up after preparing them =P

enter the disposable container. i’d only realised today that even using those, a packet noodle meal would still be much cheaper than a cup noodle one. so happily i bought enough for ten meals.

i’m gonna graduate one tubby signal specialist.


another one

the impossible happened yesterday. our course warrant officer asked us what we thought of the previous day’s night out. we answered “outstanding!” (aka standard trainee answer to any question, including things like “how did you find the previous tekan session?”, “how do you find the living conditions in your prehistoric camp?”, and “is the sky pink in colour?”) and suddenly we were released for yet another one. two in a row? wow.

it was shorter, though, so i didn’t really have enough time to rush home. or rather, i wasn’t that interested in spending $20 in cab fare to and fro only to spend an hour at home… so went to macs to grab some fries and a sundae instead. yummy.

i’m getting fat again.

i’ve been allowed to drive into camp… which means i’d be able to halve travel time between my house and camp. which means i’d probably be able to come home for every night off… yay. i’m the really-slow-to-socialise type, so i don’t really fancy hanging around my coursemates at shopping centres anyway. bleah. best part is, i’m not required to get any carpark label or anything (as per normal practice for most camps), so i’m not paying any extra money.

looking through my recent entries, i’ve realised that i’ve become a very boring person. well, i’ve always been i suppose, but even my writing has become boring! oh dear. the mundanity of ns life is getting to me! must find a way to escape this brainrot…

night off

heh. my first night off. as in, a privilige given us… aside from the standard weekend bookout, we’d be given approximately one night out per week… today i’m just spending it at home, but it’s nice to be back anyway! if only for 2h. whee!

slack signals

life is good.

well, compared to before, anyway. signals is really slack. so far. like for the past few days, training has been ending after dinner. so like 1830+ i have free time to do whatever i want (usually some reading) then sleep by 2230. that’s 4 whole hours! heh. well, i’d still have to do some exercises which aren’t as slack as i’d envisioned (i still have to do another 32k march apparently! EX ENDURANCE. gah), but overall it seems alright. plenty of physics involved for the first few lessons… regarding radio waves and power supply and stuff. haha. i actually quite enjoy it! whee. those rusty little wheels in my brain are starting to turn again…

the niceness of it all is marred by the sheer abundance of guard duty, though. which basically involves staying awake 50% of the night and looking out for intruders, and resting uncomfortably in a crappy little room the other 50%. worse still is when it’s weekend duty… burns into bookout time. like i only came out this morning… and i’m booking back in tonight?!? sucky. since signals is involved in ndp, there are very few people left in my camp doing guard duty… i’d probably end up doing a weekend duty every alternate week. that seriously sucks. gah.

i feel this overwhelming sense of irony, somehow =P

at least i managed to accomplish some (little) stuff in the short time i was out today! like replacing my spoilt cable modem (yep i’m back on broadband!), ordering a bunch of xbox games (larlarlar~), and i’m gonna meet up with zhaoqing later! haven’t seen him for like, months. close to a year even! who’d have thought that i can actually start missing his irritating china voice. bleah.

ok time to do some homework. poof.

ns cut

ns is being cut!

yay. apparently i’d get 2 months less. will have to wait for tonight to hear the full news, but any cut is good stuff. yah? yah. 050505. 11 months to ORD! i’ve suddenly crossed the one-year mark in the blink of an eye! wow.


fwah. my family’s on vacation now, so i came back to an empty house. which was expected, but it smelt… stinky. was wondering why, then i switched on the lights (or tried to, rather) and discovered that the power had tripped. probably for days now. so practically everything in the refrigerators has rotted away.


and now i find that my cable modem’s spoilt. probably fried by lightning or something, so i’m on 56k again. boy, how did i ever manage? it’s so slow! haha. think i’d be stuck at this speed for the weekend though, so i’d better get used to it. sigh.

Goodbye Infantry!

signal institute, here i come! yay.



just got myself a brand spanking new xbox for a cool $220! heeding some advice i’d received, i’d hunted around yahoo auctions for a good deal. apparently there’s a couple of people out there selling xboxes they’d received free from various sources. mine’s from the starhub maxonline offer. even got a letter of redemption to prove it. that letter acts as my warranty too, apparently.

although that warranty’s about to become useless after modding the set ($75). after modding, i’d be able to play err… not-so-legit games, dvds, and data-file-movies (the type you uh… procure from the net) on it! i’m especially excited by that last bit… my movie library just became viewable via tv!

well, almost. only gonna get it modded next weekend. no time to do it now… stupid book-in =P

lobo soldier

an amazing thing happened today. i got 7 days of att b (light duties) for flu. seven. flu. the mind staggers (i think the normal rate is 2-3 days at most).

what this actually means is, i’m not going to participate in any physical training until POP. yes, that’s right. not even (happily) the 32k route march. wow.

i know the great singapore sale is currently going on, but what the heck? oh well. never complain about unexpected windfalls.


it’s official!

i’m headed for york in 2005 – barring unforeseen circumstances, anyway. made the choice today since i had free time and my dad was telling me to make the decision earlier and i haven’t really been considering ucl already. so. yeah. my vote is locked.

expect rantings of how lonely i am there in, say, 15 months’ time? until then, it’s back to the army for me!