booking out…

once more, the last 30min before leaving home for book-in. this time i’ve slacked the entire weekend away. in a nice way – i feel really refreshed! usually i’d hang out with friends on saturday night and end up sleeping too little and stuff since i usually wake up quite early on sunday…

i’m currently on a book-out spree. just this friday, i had a night out because we had a visit to the chevrons where we had buffet and stuff. so i got to find out what that club (which has been sucking $1.50 from me monthly ever since i got promoted to LCP) was actually about. nothing too fascinating to me, actually, but hey, who’s complaining about a free buffet and an extra night at home?

then this tuesday night i should be out again for some public holiday… don’t really remember which one it is, actually. vesak? haha. yay!

all my major exercises are over. which means that i’m done with the tougher parts of training for this course, with the exception of some fast marches and the graduation march. with some luck i’d get posted to signals after bslc, then quite possibly stayout after that… but i’d only know in two weeks’ time, so i guess there’s no point worrying about that now. but i’m really hoping to be able to regain all that free time i used to have before bmt! for now, i shall just worry about that 32k route march coming up. blah.


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