scarlet ibis


i just reread the scarlet ibis. did it as a lit text in sec1 i think. i remember actually tearing after reading it that time. still felt a little twinge in my heart after reading it today. haha. nice story. i liked it a lot.

was trying to remember the school anthems for my sec sch and jc the other day (at camp while i was bored). realised that i’m actually having difficulty! wow. in fact there were some parts the tunes just crisscrossed in my mind and i ended up with a medley. haha. but yeah after some rethinking i managed to remember them. more or less. only one line i didn’t manage to figure out on my own.


i’ve reached a peak of stagnancy in my life, i think. from monday to mid-saturday, i’d be in camp training. then when i book out, there’s barely enough (or too little, rather) time to relax and recuperate. so for now, i’m doing making absolute no progress in the stuff i’m interested in. zilch. nada. nil. half to the power of infinity.

it’s really depressing, when you wonder what you’re doing with your life, realise that the answer is rather dismal, and know that you’ve got to endure a few months more before things start changing for the better. but i guess i’d survive. not much other choice, is there? wonder how weiyi does it.


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