Monthly Archives: May 2004

sick again

out of camp… got 2 days att c for high fever. but after one dose of the panadol-ish medicine they’d given, my temperature’s perfectly normal… so i’ve got an extended public holiday.

though my fevers seem to have the nasty habit of coming back when i least expect it… guess i’d find out tmr morning whether i’ve been awarded a slacking break after all…

update: it’s official. i’m probably gonna have a feverish vesak. bah.


booking out…

once more, the last 30min before leaving home for book-in. this time i’ve slacked the entire weekend away. in a nice way – i feel really refreshed! usually i’d hang out with friends on saturday night and end up sleeping too little and stuff since i usually wake up quite early on sunday…

i’m currently on a book-out spree. just this friday, i had a night out because we had a visit to the chevrons where we had buffet and stuff. so i got to find out what that club (which has been sucking $1.50 from me monthly ever since i got promoted to LCP) was actually about. nothing too fascinating to me, actually, but hey, who’s complaining about a free buffet and an extra night at home?

then this tuesday night i should be out again for some public holiday… don’t really remember which one it is, actually. vesak? haha. yay!

all my major exercises are over. which means that i’m done with the tougher parts of training for this course, with the exception of some fast marches and the graduation march. with some luck i’d get posted to signals after bslc, then quite possibly stayout after that… but i’d only know in two weeks’ time, so i guess there’s no point worrying about that now. but i’m really hoping to be able to regain all that free time i used to have before bmt! for now, i shall just worry about that 32k route march coming up. blah.

Sony DRU-700A

Sony DRU-700A

Sony DRU-700A DVD+R Dual-Layer Writer

pretty! heh. i think i’m attracted to computer peripherals at least partially for their aesthetic value, rather than function. bleah. but this dvd-writer is supposed to be quite good. sadly, i don’t need one now and it’s still quite expensive ($400?), so i probably won’t be getting it. shucks. maybe when they hit the $100+ mark…

dig dug

had a 3-day exercise (nutcracker) this week. involved a lot of digging. a lot a lot a lot. was supposed to be one of the worst parts of bslc but surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. now i’m only left with another 3-day exercise for the course, after which it’d be pretty slack. yay. i’d be eating combat rations again, though. haven’t really touched the stuff since bmt. blah. probably will be losing weight again!

in preparation for this weight loss, i’ve been pigging a lot this weekend. haha. ate like stingray + roti john + minced pork noodles + otah earlier. shared with friends of course, but they were kinda amazed by how much i was stuffing down. oh i also had dessert. i love beancurd in soya bean milk. (anyone knows the proper name for that? currently i just order it as ‘tao huay jia tao huay zui’). yummy. was really stuffed after that though.

in other news, i’ve been shortlisted for the fitness specialist (aka pti, physical training instructor) selection. how they select the people, i have no idea. i’m not really the fittest of people. probably below average even. haha. but it’s supposed to be a pretty slack life (after the really xiong course though) so i’m vaguely interested. hmm.

blogger upgraded

blogger’s revamped. seems like there’s now an option to add built-in comments. powered by blogger? heh. i’d like to explore it (so it’s more reliable and doesn’t go missing sometimes and stuff), but kinda lazy to. got better things to do with my limited weekend. like sleep. haha. maybe after my current course. hmm.

my weekends have been seeming extremely short as of late. like book out, then suddenly book in again. was it so short for bmt? i don’t remember. it just seems extra short nowadays.

have been mulling about my possible posting after bslc and after that course. like wondering if i’d end up in a slack vocation after all. i’d really like to end up in a stayout job. it’s not just personal preference – there’re other reasons too. haiyah. life sucks.

booking… in…


i hate booking in.

at least i’m done with half of BSLC. but that was the ‘easier’ half. so it’s not too consoling. oh well. i will survive.

you know, i’m actually kinda glad i didn’t make it to ocs. sour grapes? perhaps. but i’m really not the army type of person. i’d have groaned through my months there and worse of all, i’d have known that i’d actually wanted to make it there. at least now, i can tell myself that i didn’t want to go sispec. heh.

off i go, then.

a soldier has to fight because he loves his land

a soldier has to fight even if he has to die!

serangoon gardens

went to serangoon gardens market earlier. the coffee shop next to chomp chomp. ‘cos my mum likes the guo tie (some fried dumpling-like stuff) there. it was pretty nice! and the bbq seafood stall there is the same one at chomp chomp. so it sells the stingray i like. didn’t really try any of the other food, but those 2 dishes were enough for me. yum.

i don’t think i’ve really done enough today for mothers’ day, but. ah well. can try to make up for it in the days to come. i guess.

scarlet ibis


i just reread the scarlet ibis. did it as a lit text in sec1 i think. i remember actually tearing after reading it that time. still felt a little twinge in my heart after reading it today. haha. nice story. i liked it a lot.

was trying to remember the school anthems for my sec sch and jc the other day (at camp while i was bored). realised that i’m actually having difficulty! wow. in fact there were some parts the tunes just crisscrossed in my mind and i ended up with a medley. haha. but yeah after some rethinking i managed to remember them. more or less. only one line i didn’t manage to figure out on my own.


i’ve reached a peak of stagnancy in my life, i think. from monday to mid-saturday, i’d be in camp training. then when i book out, there’s barely enough (or too little, rather) time to relax and recuperate. so for now, i’m doing making absolute no progress in the stuff i’m interested in. zilch. nada. nil. half to the power of infinity.

it’s really depressing, when you wonder what you’re doing with your life, realise that the answer is rather dismal, and know that you’ve got to endure a few months more before things start changing for the better. but i guess i’d survive. not much other choice, is there? wonder how weiyi does it.

first aid

back last year when i had more free time, i’d been interested in taking up a first aid course… but ended up not having sufficient time for it i think. well, the funny thing is, in my bslc course i’d be going through a similar course as well i think, after which i’d be a certified first-aider for a year? wow.


adieu to you, the loss of youth
the days of yesteryear
pure innocence and sweet romance
never to return