i’m kinda decided. york it shall be.
(then again, i was practically decided a few weeks ago, and a few months back, etc etc, so don’t be too surprised if i’m tearing my hair out again sometime later)

the practicals
– MOE prefers york for psychology. they’ve kinda told me that. and since it’s really the number one ‘corporation’ i’m interested in working for, that’s quite important.

– by rankings (i’ve little else to judge by), york’s much much better than ucl for psychology. even for overall rankings, it’s only one or two places behind.

– reputation of ucl might be stronger for now, but i think york will catch up. kinda like vj. sure, the ‘brand name’ might never be as powerful, but still… york’s been performing well for quite some time now. university of the year and all that. i believe it’d be one of those ‘top schools’ singaporeans talk about one day. in fact, i think it already is in the uk (though i’m not too sure about that).

– $$$ (or £££ to be more precise). true, i get £165 less monthly if i go york, but going by average hostel rates i’d still save more money by going to york.

personal preferences
– i’ve led a rather stressful life in singapore so far. although i’ve actually managed to avoid much of it by not studying regularly. but still. yeah. i’d like to relax a little while more. the idyllic lifestyle at york really appeals to me. never mind that there’s no nightlife… what do i really do in the wee hours in singapore anyway?

– the london experience. well, i’d like to enjoy that too, but what’s there really i’d miss out on if i go live in london awhile during my vacation or before my school term starts in york?

– ok, so london’s much more accessible. but i’d prob travel only during vacations anyway, so it’s no big deal to me.

– few singaporeans in york? well that’s probably gonna be a bummer for me in the first few months but i’m sure i’d get over it. sure, i’d probably be unattached by the end of uni, but i’m not about to start making uni choices based on things like that! grrr. i’ve got pride ya’know! (anyway worst come worst, still got sdu. heh)

– friends at london. that’s probably the number one reason i’d want to go london. but just how free will they be in their third year when i do start my uni year? what of their existing cliques (which i’m sure they’d have by then)? what about me? will i be less likely to mix around? what happens in my second year when the ladies complete their studies? all in all, it doesn’t seem that strong a reason when i analyse it logically.

– i’ve always enjoyed travelling the road less travelled. haha. a silly reason, yeah, but it’s there anyway. =)

York 2005! 18 months to go…


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