gah. seems like i’m still in sispec. in foxtrot company, no less, supposedly one of their xiong-est ones… gah. actually i’ve only been there one day and it was quite slack so i don’t know personally yet, but it seems morale is very low already… wonder what i’ve missed out on. not too sad that i’ve missed it, though. i suspect there’s only space for me there because quite a few have gone out of course already… wow. that’s quite fast. 10 from my company.

as far as i can tell, the low morale comes from either disappointed hopes (wanted to go ocs) or like panic (wanted to slack). very few actually want to come sispec, i think. as for me, amazingly i’ve adopted a relatively positive attitude already. this is so weird. i must be putty to propaganda or something (be a commander! commander good! not officer also can! with pride we lead, SISPEC!)

many of my ex-platoon-mates are in the same company. different platoon though, probably because i joined later. and while a bunch of us (ok fine just 2 others and me) were talking for awhile, they mentioned that they’d thought i’d go ocs. which was rather nice, especially when one of them wasn’t from my section. haha. ego boost? maybe.

happily it’s a long weekend now. haha. after an extended block leave (due to my mcs). i think i’m getting flabby again though, my pullups have dropped at least. think i’d have to stick to a regular exercise plan after i ORD, or even after my training is complete. otherwise i’d die of a blocked artery at age 30 or something.

went fish and co for the first time in ages for lunch… the mussels in lemon/garlic dish is quite nice. not so much because of the mussels… i just really enjoyed the garlic sauce. they even had bread which u could dip in and voila! garlic bread. yummy. the waitress who served us was also very pretty. haha. like, really really pretty. or i wouldn’t have noticed. too bad it’s fish and co – too expensive for me to revisit regularly! so near home summore… novena square… pity =P


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