sispec fever

a lot of ppl seem to think i’m damn sad about getting sispec… well i was disappointed at first but got over it already lah. at least i’d finish training in about 5 months! then (hopefully) can slack already… hmm. kinda disgusting that it’s on tekong again though… what’s more i might get bmt instructor after that. then i’d be in tekong until ORD! sheesh.

no real ambition for ocs already… don’t think i want it. imagine 10 weeks from now i’m told i have the chance to increase my trainee days to next jan? at this point i don’t really want it. then again, who knows what i’d think at that point. anyway i dun think i’d qualify for crossover anyway. oh well, guess i’d just do whatever i was doing in bmt… being myself?

having a fever now… this sucks! drinking an absurd amount of fluid now and visiting the toilet an equally absurd number of times. i’ve heard it said that if i get mc for the first two or three days of sispec i might get sent to be a medic or something instead, but i think i want the sergeant rank and pay enough not to do that. gah.


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