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weight loss


for a slimmer and fitter you, SIGN ON WITH THE SAF!

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ok, so that picture exaggerates things somewhat. that pair of jeans is size 34, bought sometime when i was a chubby li’l 32.5 or so and expecting to grow fatter =P but still, it’s extremely loose now. gosh. last time i’d thought gaining weight was irritating because i’d have to buy new clothes, but now i’m starting to realise that the same happens if you lose too much! bugger.

time for the extreme chocolate diet.

*works for the gents too!



i’m kinda decided. york it shall be.
(then again, i was practically decided a few weeks ago, and a few months back, etc etc, so don’t be too surprised if i’m tearing my hair out again sometime later)

the practicals
– MOE prefers york for psychology. they’ve kinda told me that. and since it’s really the number one ‘corporation’ i’m interested in working for, that’s quite important.

– by rankings (i’ve little else to judge by), york’s much much better than ucl for psychology. even for overall rankings, it’s only one or two places behind.

– reputation of ucl might be stronger for now, but i think york will catch up. kinda like vj. sure, the ‘brand name’ might never be as powerful, but still… york’s been performing well for quite some time now. university of the year and all that. i believe it’d be one of those ‘top schools’ singaporeans talk about one day. in fact, i think it already is in the uk (though i’m not too sure about that).

– $$$ (or £££ to be more precise). true, i get £165 less monthly if i go york, but going by average hostel rates i’d still save more money by going to york.

personal preferences
– i’ve led a rather stressful life in singapore so far. although i’ve actually managed to avoid much of it by not studying regularly. but still. yeah. i’d like to relax a little while more. the idyllic lifestyle at york really appeals to me. never mind that there’s no nightlife… what do i really do in the wee hours in singapore anyway?

– the london experience. well, i’d like to enjoy that too, but what’s there really i’d miss out on if i go live in london awhile during my vacation or before my school term starts in york?

– ok, so london’s much more accessible. but i’d prob travel only during vacations anyway, so it’s no big deal to me.

– few singaporeans in york? well that’s probably gonna be a bummer for me in the first few months but i’m sure i’d get over it. sure, i’d probably be unattached by the end of uni, but i’m not about to start making uni choices based on things like that! grrr. i’ve got pride ya’know! (anyway worst come worst, still got sdu. heh)

– friends at london. that’s probably the number one reason i’d want to go london. but just how free will they be in their third year when i do start my uni year? what of their existing cliques (which i’m sure they’d have by then)? what about me? will i be less likely to mix around? what happens in my second year when the ladies complete their studies? all in all, it doesn’t seem that strong a reason when i analyse it logically.

– i’ve always enjoyed travelling the road less travelled. haha. a silly reason, yeah, but it’s there anyway. =)

York 2005! 18 months to go…


BSLC (Basic Section Leader Course) ends 110604. it’s basically the first half of my path to getting the 3SG (third sergeant) rank, after which i’d be posted to another course to complete my training. i’m hoping for either infantry (for the slightly-more $ and possibility of comparatively cushy jobs) or signals (for the less physically-intensive stuff). ho hum.

foxtrot company has been alright so far, in spite of all that we’ve heard about it. in fact, the warrant officers there have been trying to tell us to forget all the bad press and judge it for ourselves. guess there’s been a revamp in their PR policy? heh. the OC (officer commanding) hasn’t changed from last time though, so i find it kinda surprising that there’d be such a major change. oh well. if it’s good for me, i shouldn’t complain =)

i’ve figured out why i’m feeling so sucky about my trainee status. it’s the loneliness (oh wow revelation). practically everyone has moved on to become a commander already, and i’m like almost the only one left behind (thanks weiyi for being one too haha but you’re a freaking OCT i’m a freaking LCP. different! =P). and on that freaking lonely island known as tekong i see so many juniors (most of whom i don’t recognise, actually) and it’s just one big patch of loneliness. sigh.

amusingly, weining’s coming back to sispec for about a month on 080504 i think. for the CSM (company sergeant major) course. which means during his reservist days he’d be like the head honcho specialist in the company (1 company = 3 platoons = 9 sections. in comparison, most sergeants take charge of a section, and most officers take charge of a platoon). so i’d be seeing him around. taking the same course as all those regulars who’re like SSG (staff sergeant) and stuff. wow. haha. i’d hate to be in his shoes. more money perhaps, but a great deal more responsibility. and i wonder how he’d mix with the other trainees man. hopefully there’re many more nsfs (full-time national servicemen).

my standard of english is really deteriorating! i spelt battalion as ‘batallion’ the other day during lecture. guess i was thinking of ‘medallion’. in defence, i can say i normally don’t spell ‘battalion’. but still. grr.

my fish&co eyecandy’s name is liu zeming! no i’m not stalking her, but my sister wanted to eat there so my family went there for lunch yesterday. ok, i only gleaned that information from her nametag, which xianna says might not be hers after all. and zeming’s a weird name for a girl. oh well.


york or ucl? york or ucl?

-tears out hair-

(at least i would, if i had anything worth tearing right now)


homework for the week – memorise The Specialist’s Creed

I am a specialist of the Singapore Army
With pride I lead
I excel in my specialist field
Ensure the discipline of my men
And the readiness of their equipment
I overcome adversity with my fighting spirit
I will defend Singapore with my life

book in loh!


ah, the joys of youth. staying out till 4am in the morning. hopping from east coast park to pasir ris park after supper after watching jc talentime (music fest 2004!). strolling in nice quiet places. bumming around by the sea, in comfortable quiet reflection with sporadic conversation. hanging high above the ground using the spiderweb obstacle course thingy as a hammock. passing the time away, carefree. all with a bunch of like-minded people.

i don’t wanna grow up, i’m a toys’r’us kid…


gah. seems like i’m still in sispec. in foxtrot company, no less, supposedly one of their xiong-est ones… gah. actually i’ve only been there one day and it was quite slack so i don’t know personally yet, but it seems morale is very low already… wonder what i’ve missed out on. not too sad that i’ve missed it, though. i suspect there’s only space for me there because quite a few have gone out of course already… wow. that’s quite fast. 10 from my company.

as far as i can tell, the low morale comes from either disappointed hopes (wanted to go ocs) or like panic (wanted to slack). very few actually want to come sispec, i think. as for me, amazingly i’ve adopted a relatively positive attitude already. this is so weird. i must be putty to propaganda or something (be a commander! commander good! not officer also can! with pride we lead, SISPEC!)

many of my ex-platoon-mates are in the same company. different platoon though, probably because i joined later. and while a bunch of us (ok fine just 2 others and me) were talking for awhile, they mentioned that they’d thought i’d go ocs. which was rather nice, especially when one of them wasn’t from my section. haha. ego boost? maybe.

happily it’s a long weekend now. haha. after an extended block leave (due to my mcs). i think i’m getting flabby again though, my pullups have dropped at least. think i’d have to stick to a regular exercise plan after i ORD, or even after my training is complete. otherwise i’d die of a blocked artery at age 30 or something.

went fish and co for the first time in ages for lunch… the mussels in lemon/garlic dish is quite nice. not so much because of the mussels… i just really enjoyed the garlic sauce. they even had bread which u could dip in and voila! garlic bread. yummy. the waitress who served us was also very pretty. haha. like, really really pretty. or i wouldn’t have noticed. too bad it’s fish and co – too expensive for me to revisit regularly! so near home summore… novena square… pity =P

tekong once more

the procrastinator i’ve always been, my duffel bag lies unpacked even at this very moment. about 6h left before i leave home for that infernal island (aka tekong) once more… blah. was it just (just?) 4 months ago that i’d done the same thing? history truly does repeat itself.

why can’t it just repeat back to mindef then? =P

i was thinking of this awhile back, and kinda just remembered. am i more of a rafflesian or victorian? don’t think it really matters, but i’m just curious what the impression i give (if any) is like. think what reminded me was when i caught the first episode of i contact earlier and err… the rj guy’s speech kinda disgusted me. soooo fake accent. which led me to think, do i do that too? when trying to speak ‘good english’. i mean, i know i speak differently, but do i speak disgustingly?

still around

in case anyone’s been wondering why i’m still around, well… my mc got extended till wed. so i’m only reporting on thu, then booking out the same day because good friday follows immediately after.

yay? well, i enjoy the slacking now (especially now that my fever’s almost past), but there’s a moderately high chance i’d be posted out of sispec. yay? i dunno. good or bad. haha. oh well. i’d find out in about 34 hours’ time…


total weirdness or brilliant advertising? a case of both, i suppose.

i first saw the spongmonkeys in some silly online cartoon ‘we like the moon‘, but turns out they later appeared in an advertisment for quiznos sub and another promotion they were having.

scary? yeah, i guess. but darned amusing.