i feel cheated! the climacool ii isn’t nice at all. went down to city chain to take a looksee. it looks cool on my monitor, but in real life… bleah. in comparison, the cheaper models climacool and sf are nicer. wonder if i’d get one of them. but probably not for now, decided that i need a utility watch for my next course instead.

which means one of those cheapo casio watches you see primary school kids wearing. or at least, they used to wear them in my day. maybe they wear nikes now or something, i’m not really sure. kids these days are so spoiled. *old fogey tone*

i think as long as it’s black and can resist water (or maybe waterproof up to 50m to be safe), it should be ok… yup. save money. guess i’d only get those new speakers this block leave. so much for shopping!


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