pop loh. end of bmt. so what’ve i actually go to show for it?

well, there’s all that physical training. no matter what bad stuff i think about army, i think that formerly-sluggish me has really improved in the physical fitness level. with ippt silver (my score for the final test – 10, 40, 10.2, 225, 10:36), soc pass (9:44). well. a year ago, if you’d told me i could achieve such results, i’d have laughed in your face.

i’ve mixed with the ‘mainstream’ jc batch… coming from the top5, and from similar schools before, i guess i’ve been living a really sheltered life. frog in a well? even this ‘achievement’ of mine is an indicator… mixing with other jc students is considered ‘mixing’? ok… well, yeah, the people were somewhat (though not much) different from what i was used to. but i think i adapted quite ok.

otherwise? nothing much, really. for me, bmt was probably just a ‘stepping stone’ to my next posting… i think i should be getting a commander school (sispec, ocs). in my last pc interview, my officer kinda told me my performance had been quite good and he’d hoped i could get ocs. no idea if he was just being diplomatic, though. hopefully not.

whatever will be, will be.


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