The evolution of a PES upgrader

Mine has been an unusual path. How many NSFs have worn the no3 uniform? After nearly a year in it, I was rather reluctant to leave the cushy surroundings of MINDEF, to go into the cheong sua life most Singaporeans undergo. However, I’d been slightly upset that I would essentially be useless if war comes to our country, so I thought heck, why not. To quote one of my officers, “Forget the clerk mentality. Go in with a recruit mentality, do what the others do and you should come out alright.” So, from working in a project team consisting of 3 LTCs and 1 BG(NS), I moved on to BMTC.

I’d actually been preparing myself to enter Taurus company, because my friend had told me the recourse PTP personnel would be dumped there. Imagine my relief when I’d found out I was headed for Ninja instead. I didn’t really know how strict or slack Ninja was supposed to be, but I knew its reputation was nowhere as bad as Taurus’s.

And so, after so many weeks of training, POP approaches. Through the course, I have become much fitter, learnt basic combat techniques, and made friends with people from various schools. Essentially, what most people would experience during their BMT. If you ask me now whether I prefer the clerk’s life (with the 8-5 working hours) or the combat life (with the endless book-in book-out routine), I would honestly say the clerk’s life is much more enjoyable. The extra free time, the nights out, they’re that valuable.

I believe that at the end of the day, however, the pride I feel would be greater, no matter if I’m posted to OCS, SISPEC, or some other unit. It was a choice I’d made, and I’m glad I’d made it. My section-mates have been great, and the platoon on the whole is a rather pleasant one, a far cry from some I’ve heard of from others.

A clerk no longer, I now do the same thing the others do. Now, I defend the land.

Have you ever wondered, why must we serve?
Because we love our land, and we want it to be free, to be free!

the above is what i’m submitting as my contribution to the platoon scrapbook. basically each of us has to contribute some free expression thingy, so yeah this is what i came up with. it’s embellished somewhat though, like i didn’t really have that much choice with my status upgrade, though i’m pretty sure i could have got PES C if i’d actively tried.

otherwise it’s more or less factually accurate. i hadn’t mentioned one thing, though. the part about greater pride being a combat personnel, that doesn’t really outweigh the loss of freedom. the whole book in, book out, ad infinitum process is really sickening. and passing out from bmt doesn’t really give me that much pride… probably if i were commissioning from ocs instead. but for that to happen, i’d need to be posted there. then it’s 10 more months of the book in book out routine. ouch.

right now i’ve practically lost my interest in everything. it’s rather depressing, actually. sigh. hope things pick up for me during block leave. or earlier, though i don’t expect that.

11 more days to POP!


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