where next?

and so the headache begins. should i follow the road not taken? from the rankings, UCL is approx 6th (overall) in UK, and York‘s 7th. York’s tops in psychology (oxbridge don’t offer degrees in it), and UCL’s like 20+.

here’s my scholarship officer’s comments on my query regarding york vs ucl.

with regard to your question on York vs UCL for Psychology, I can tell you a little on your seniors. Actually, none of your seniors have pursued psychology in UCL. Not that UCL is not good, but generally, your seniors felt that York is more well known for Psychology. There are schools in Singapore that have niche areas, so there would be schools/universities in UK or elsewhere that are more well known for certain areas.

but how could you trust these rankings when you don’t even know what they’re based on? how do you make a decision regarding schools which are thousands of kilometres away from you? how can you trust anyone’s first-hand opinion when they’re largely one-sided (having studied in only one of either school)? are rankings even that important? probably, especially if i intend to go on with further studies. for these rankings are probably reflective of how ‘good’ the outside world perceives the schools to be.

well. gah. there’s also the life to think about. i’ve so many friends in london! well, relatively, anyway. more than any other city in the world aside from singapore, i daresay. i’d probably get to mix around more if i go to york, but is that what i really want? hmm. (plus, with such a low number of singaporeans in york, i suspect i’d have to resort to sdu if i go there =p)

and london’s… london! york’s a relatively quieter place. though there’re still facilities around, of course. from what i know anyway.

dilemma, dilemma. however i’m actually currently leaning more toward york. gah. fickle is my mind. sigh.


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