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original trilogy

it‘s coming at last!



freakfreakfreak today’s day5 of slacking already freakfreakfreak there’re only 5 days left! and 3 days to posting! freakfreakfreak.


did a little simple exercise in photoshop today. created my new handphone background picture from this. nothing very impressive, but i like the result. too bad the white/blue gradient doesn’t show up as nicely on the handphone.

i’m bored with block leave already! why can’t i have like, 20 long weekends for my next course instead of a 10-day break? heh. complain complain complain. man is never satisfied with what they have =P


i feel cheated! the climacool ii isn’t nice at all. went down to city chain to take a looksee. it looks cool on my monitor, but in real life… bleah. in comparison, the cheaper models climacool and sf are nicer. wonder if i’d get one of them. but probably not for now, decided that i need a utility watch for my next course instead.

which means one of those cheapo casio watches you see primary school kids wearing. or at least, they used to wear them in my day. maybe they wear nikes now or something, i’m not really sure. kids these days are so spoiled. *old fogey tone*

i think as long as it’s black and can resist water (or maybe waterproof up to 50m to be safe), it should be ok… yup. save money. guess i’d only get those new speakers this block leave. so much for shopping!

times gone by

i just spent some time looking at my photo collection. it’s not too big – i went through it pretty quickly. some of those moments captured, however, almost brought tears to my eyes. in a nostalgic mood today? perhaps. probably. i wonder why i haven’t taken more photos all this while. i don’t like being in them, and am actually quite lazy to take them, but i think that if you take a heck lot of pictures (even seemingly pointless ones), you’d end up with at least a few which you’d treasure greatly. and i think that’s quite a good deal, really.

actually, a little part of my mind tells me that photos are insidious things, that they lay a trap which gets you stuck in the past and wishing back for the days of auld lang syne. true, i suppose, but that little part of my mind exaggerates a great deal. i think that as long as you snap back to the present after sometime, indulging in the past is a perfectly ok thing to do.

do you still remember, how we used to be? viva forever.

changi v

met up with a few friends earlier. it was good, just to chat and eat and. err. hang out.

one of the places we went (i kinda drove around) was changi village. at first we were joking about meeting transvestites and stuff, but were pretty disappointed by the no-show on the way in. later at night (0200+), however, walking back to the carpark, there were more of them around. it was quite gross. are these the type which go around soliciting their services? that’s what i’d heard, but we didn’t really want to check it out too much. just observing them from a distance was hair-raising enough for me.

i guess i’ve always been pretty close-minded about such stuff. tolerate them, yes, but ask me to understand such people, and i think i’d never be able to. maybe after my psychology degree..?

london or not?

a major reason i want to study in london

some of my good friends are there

a major reason i don’t want to study in london

some of my good friends are there

makes sense? probably not. but you know what, after so long of being separated from some of those friends, i’m just frightened of rejoining them in the same city, somehow. i’ve drifted at least a little from some of them, and i guess that being so far apart, i can at least use the distance as an excuse. what happens when you’re at the same place and you still hardly talk and don’t know what to say when you meet them and stuff?

i’ve always been a runner.


pop loh. end of bmt. so what’ve i actually go to show for it?

well, there’s all that physical training. no matter what bad stuff i think about army, i think that formerly-sluggish me has really improved in the physical fitness level. with ippt silver (my score for the final test – 10, 40, 10.2, 225, 10:36), soc pass (9:44). well. a year ago, if you’d told me i could achieve such results, i’d have laughed in your face.

i’ve mixed with the ‘mainstream’ jc batch… coming from the top5, and from similar schools before, i guess i’ve been living a really sheltered life. frog in a well? even this ‘achievement’ of mine is an indicator… mixing with other jc students is considered ‘mixing’? ok… well, yeah, the people were somewhat (though not much) different from what i was used to. but i think i adapted quite ok.

otherwise? nothing much, really. for me, bmt was probably just a ‘stepping stone’ to my next posting… i think i should be getting a commander school (sispec, ocs). in my last pc interview, my officer kinda told me my performance had been quite good and he’d hoped i could get ocs. no idea if he was just being diplomatic, though. hopefully not.

whatever will be, will be.


(well, for awhile anyway)

ah, the sweet smell of fresh air. err… well, it’s the same mainland air i breathe every weekend i suppose, but somehow, it’s just… different. haha. i’m out for about ten days before reporting to the next unit! i’m quite apprehensive of getting my posting (next fri) actually, but heck i’d just enjoy my block leave while it’s here.

currently i’ve only got shopping (see previous entries) and visiting my old office on my to-do list… wonder what else to do. hmm. finish some games and books i guess. what to do what to do…

more shopping

another item to add to my shopping list for block leave. whee!