big fish

watched big fish yesterday. i’d actually expected a lot from it so i was slightly disappointed, but overall i found it a good show nonetheless.

the main story was about a son coming to terms with a dying father whose real life he hardly knew about… kinda reminded me about myself actually. there was this quote by the son, which i don’t remember exactly, but it was something like “i’m about to become a father myself, and it would hurt me more than anything if my child were to grow up not knowing who i am”. yeah. brought a tear to my eye. literally. go figure.

then this morning i was thinking about how my parents was actually quite old already. and that there will come a day when they’d have to go. and in all probability, i’d still be around. that thought brought even more tears to my eye.

so yeah now i think i’ve been a really sucky son. and what am i going to do about it?

probably nothing.

don’t i just suck?


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