field camp

wow. my brother’s got his BA already. with high distinction and high honors. whatever those are. top 10% or something right? judging from what i managed to glean off the net. chey. how come you didn’t get highest distinction, huh? =P

meanwhile, i’ve just finished my field camp. 7 days of no bathing. not that bad, in fact. my rather pathetic scouting experience helped somewhat, actually. haha. i liked the last night. sleeping in an open field with open sky above. the sky’s rather pretty at night (of course, the thought of going home the next day probably brightened things up even more). that night we camped on reclaimed land and dug shellscrapes (scroll down this page to have an idea of what those are. man-sized holes, basically. felt like digging my own grave) and slept in those. quite lucky that it was reclaimed land, actually, cos after digging past the clay layer i hit sand and it was really easy to dig the ground up after that.

there’re a few things i’d learnt from field camp. first, that lipton iced peach tea (sachets of which are enclosed in saf ration accessory pack e!) is really heavenly while camping. secondly, that nature is really beautiful (sometimes) and it just seems so unbelievable that everything popped up randomly. thanks, god, you’re a great artist. thirdly, eating combat rations is really a good way to lose weight. i’ve lost about 4kg myself.

also, i’m never going to sign on with the saf.

i mean, yeah, field camp was bearable, but it’s really not my cup of tea. is it really worth the extra money to sign away a few years of your life doing something you don’t really like to? i don’t think so. yeah, some people have really little choice regarding this, but i’m lucky enough not to be in great financial need and stuff, so. yah. MOE, here i come! if one of my scholarship officers has been spying on my blog, you all can be at ease now! definitely no more sneaky thoughts about defecting to saf! yay.

on a related note, i’m starting to wonder if i have enough resolve to last all the way through ocs (if i get in). 10 months is like, freaking long. gah. suddenly sispec doesn’t seem like that scary a place after all. sigh. guess i’d just continue doing whatever i’m doing… just be myself, and see where the winds of fate (aka CPC, that place in cmpb which decides your posting) bring me.

have you ever wondered, why must we serve?


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