Monthly Archives: February 2004

big fish

watched big fish yesterday. i’d actually expected a lot from it so i was slightly disappointed, but overall i found it a good show nonetheless.

the main story was about a son coming to terms with a dying father whose real life he hardly knew about… kinda reminded me about myself actually. there was this quote by the son, which i don’t remember exactly, but it was something like “i’m about to become a father myself, and it would hurt me more than anything if my child were to grow up not knowing who i am”. yeah. brought a tear to my eye. literally. go figure.

then this morning i was thinking about how my parents was actually quite old already. and that there will come a day when they’d have to go. and in all probability, i’d still be around. that thought brought even more tears to my eye.

so yeah now i think i’ve been a really sucky son. and what am i going to do about it?

probably nothing.

don’t i just suck?


sprite ice

Sprite Ice

wow. just tried some sprite ice. at first no big difference from normal sprite, but after awhile the minty feeling sets in. and it’s all the way down the throat! shiok.

much better than that pepsi x crap. bleah.

not silver

freak. missed ippt silver by a bit. 0.1s faster for shuttle run, 4cm more for sbj, and i’d have booked out last night. oh well. still slightly less than 4 weeks to go… probably can get silver by then.

i’m going for live shooting this week, monday to wednesday. they say it’s pretty boring at the range… i’d probably spend much of my time waiting to shoot. think i’d read life of pi during that time. borrowed it from allan the other time and never got around to reading it. haha. my shooting’s surprisingly ok, assuming the IMT (some computerised m16 simulator thingy) scores are reflective of actual range performance. i got 27 out of 31 shots, which was pretty good… 87%? i knew playing time crisis at arcades would come in useful… heh. ok. actually they don’t really help. but it’s nice to know i’m doing ok for bmt.

which i’m really tired of, actually. my morale’s been rather low recently… i think ever since i took mc that time, i’ve been thinking a lot more about how i should be at home with family rather than stuck in that stupid camp in tekong. so much so that i actually had second thoughts about studying overseas. heh. but yeah i’m probably still going. hmm.

some stupid drivers in this neighbourhood (or maybe just visitors who’re lazy to park further away) have recently decided that it’s ok to park opposite my car and jam up the road. and get the traffic police trooping over and giving tickets to ALL the vehicles involved. it’s like, i park the car outside my house (perfectly legal), the road is clear. lorries still can go by. some idiot parks on the opposite car and makes it such that only cars (not large vehicles) can drive by (with some difficulty). we both get tickets for obstruction of traffic. and this has happened twice already! well, nearly. i think my mum talked to the officer on the second occasion and only the other vehicle got the ticket. yay.

a-level results are coming out soon! normally i wouldn’t care too much (the same can’t be said for some of you blog-readers huh? nyah nyah), but i’m probably getting a day off since like >85% of my company is going off to collect their results. so. yay? hopefully!


gah. i just spent an amazing amount of time attempting to escape the red room. this thing is disgusting. haha. doing a lot of accidental clicking helped in finally solving it.

oh yeah, the University of York has finally sent me a response! a conditional offer, strangely. requires that i get ABB for a-levels. which is weird because i’d already sent my a-level results together with my ucas application. oh well. already emailed them to ask about it, but i’m treating it as an unconditional offer in the meantime. yay. i guess this means i’m confirmed going uk in 2005? barring unforeseen circumstances.

on my ns life. i’ve reached the stage where i don’t really care where i end up being posted after bmt. ocs, sispec, others… what the heck. just send me there already! i guess it helps that i know i’m probably not going to an active unit. because i’ve got an abnormally short amount of time left to serve. probably i’d end up an instructor somewhere. or better yet, another office job! yay. uh. well. in the meantime, i can only wait. and do my best in whatever crap i do, i suppose.

magic factory!

i used to play magic quite a lot. it was an expensive hobby though, so i’d quit. but now in bmt, like everyone’s playing it! so yeah. jump on the bandwagon, i guess. plus nothing much else to do.

how to get around paying money for particular cards you want? along comes the concept of proxying. i’m doing rather high-quality ones, actually. some ppl just write the name of the card on a piece of paper and slip it in. at least i bother printing out copies. haha. oh well. you can tell the cards are fake, but heck, they’re decent enough. i think. i hope. dunno if the others allow proxied cards. haha. it’s still fun to counterfeit cards, though. larlarlar.

mystic river

mystic river! very very good show. i left the cinema extremely impressed by it. had the feeling of this-was-the-best-movie-of-my-life type of thing. wow.

go catch it!

persistent fever

sigh. my fevers always seem to have the habit of taking their own sweet time to go away. my mc has been extended another day, so i’m booking in 1930 tomorrow. which i don’t really want, because i’d be missing a lot more lessons now… not that bad on its own, but i probably need to do make-up training on some weekend. bah.

plus, last night i was shivering horribly. it was totally, well, horrible.

why can’t you be sick just long enough for you to slack a little, and just serious enough to get an mc (but not suffer too much)? =P


mc mc! how i love thee. my first for the whole of bmt, actually. inclusive of ptp. my unblemished report sick record, ruined!

on the other hand, i am feeling rather weak now. some fever, slight sore throat, but i think it’d get worse. bah. at least i only book in tomorrow night. larlarlar.


blah. think i did quite badly for sitest. on the other hand, it seems like my peer appraisal was quite ok. from what i managed to peek at anyway. then again, 2/3 of those i’d managed to peek at were from my platoon, so i’m sure there was a bias there. in other words i think i’m still screwed. grr. sispec, here i come!

on another note, i can do 8 pullups already! yay. so it’s just 9cm more for SBJ and i’ve got my ippt silver. hooray! hopefully with that ~7kg i’ve lost during my tekong days, i won’t have too much problem achieving that…

happily there was no confinement this weekend after all. although there’s an early book in tomorrow (1545 bus from pasir ris). but it’s still a night at home. and that’s good stuff! my bed, my bed, how i love thee! and you, my bolster. bolster bolster bolster~ and pillow!


uni offer

yay. i’ve got my first offer from uk at last! University of Reading, unconditional offer. so at least i know i can go to uk even if all the rest reject me. haha.

on a more dismal note, i’ve just remembered that my weekend’s probably burnt again. saturday for sitest (situational test, supposed to be quite important in deciding where i get posted to after bmt), sunday probably confined because the company performed very poorly during the field camp. sigh. another long week ahead, then. when’s the next holiday? WHAT? APRIL!?!?!

*sputters weakly and drops dead*