the miscellaneous ponderings of life.

(of cny eve, anyway)

1) i really like tony leung now, after the infernal affairs trilogy. i was watching some crappy chinese movie on tv earlier (some love story featuring feng shui and stuff), but quite enjoyed it because tony was in it. haha. those eyes! wow. emotive.

2) a single day sure passes quickly. i’m now left with four days of holiday to ‘spend’.

3) bolsters. where the heck do they come from? they don’t seem western, but i don’t think the ancient chinese hugged soft lumpy things (aside from their spouses) to bed either. recent chinese thing, or a southeast asian thing, or what? it’s one of my favourite objects (the pillow ranking higher, though), and i was suddenly curious for some reason one day.

4) i’ve been thinking up ways to keep myself going. but those aren’t really what keeps me going. i’ve been asking myself all this time how to push myself on, but i still don’t know why i’m going on. what keeps me going? i only know i want to go on. i don’t know why. i think that answering that fundamental question would be one step taken in really understanding myself. hmm.

5) rashes suck.

6) the exchange rate for the Pound has been going up and up. at this rate, i’d be opting for york rather than london due to financial reasons!

7) is it just me, or are many of the recent mediacorp shows (chan8 dramas anyway) like propaganda tools? like the SARS show (tribute to the heroes!), the quadruplets show (graduates, go forth and multiply!). and now there’s this 9 o’clock show which has some graduate taxi driver. i’m not sure what exactly the propagandic message is, but it serves as at least a social commentary. i think. elitism and all.

8) elitismThe belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.

meritocracyA system in which advancement is based on individual ability or achievement.

singapore’s is a meritocrac society. is it then a surprise that elitism is so widespread? heck, i’m a bit of an elitist myself. i strive to ignore people’s background at all, but i find myself thinking of people in ‘classes’…. jc/poly, ite, etc etc. my fault, or the government’s? after all, these distinctions do already exist. i’ve no idea.

9) coffee sucks.

10) it’s time to sleep. i think there were other random thoughts out there, but i’ve lost them by now. oh well. dreamhunting time!


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