admin service

was taking a look at the jobscope of the Singapore Administrative Service. it’s like, fwoah. i’d previously known it only as some organisation of elites with uber pay, but wow. never knew they had an actual official pool of people to do these stuff.

reading it actually tickled the little (almost non-existent) tendrils of ambition within my heart. money! important job! what’s there not to like? but then logic kicked in. at this moment, i am nowhere near the quality required for the admin service. i’m not even sure if i’d do well in the job i’d get in moe. i’d probably just screw the country up. haha. especially since, well, i know next to nothing about public administration. and little about current events. and well, everything.

maybe one day, though. another item to add to my list of possible long-term goals.


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