materialistic girls?

met up with a friend earlier. we were just talking and somehow the issue of big houses and everything popped up. apparently she’d visited Queen Astrid Park recently (yeah that’s right, that’s the most expensive property on the sg edition of Monopoly) and was totally awed by the houses there.

then she said something which left me totally shocked. she said she’d wanted a comfortable life. that i don’t disagree with – who doesn’t? but she’d actually named a figure. by marriage, combined total assets amounting to $4m. i was like, whoah.

let’s give ten years to accumulate the wealth? even assuming monthly savings of $10k, you’d end up with only… 1/4? of that amount. and that’s kinda assuming a lot already. it’s still possible, i guess, with the magic of compounding and previous wealth and all. still. i find it extremely hard to imagine.


1) are all females so materialistic these days?
1a) are the guys this materialistic?
2) is my friend likely to get married? =P


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