back to camp

so. my civilianhood expires today. re-enlistment time! kinda funny to think of it that way, since i’ve only had 2 nights’ worth of it. which is still longer than a normal weekend out. so it’s still quite good! yay. i think.

so if i think about it extremely optimistically, i’m enlisting today with 1.5yrs of ns liability left. whoopee whee. err. yeah. and i’ve been on an extremely underpaid job attachment this past year. i’m sure i’ve mentioned this extremely rose-tinted view of my past one year’s nsf life before. hmm. so. not too shabby.

i was re-reading some of the emails i’d exchanged with my old officers (yeah i printed them out as memorabilia) and yeah now i’m re-motivated to work harder and try for ocs. yay. erm. um. yeah i get the feeling i’m over-enthu about this ns life which, well, nobody gets excited over. excited in the good sense, i mean. and i’m sure most of the guys reading this would agree. oh well. just trying to make the best of a sucky situation here, i guess.

what to do, when your council president just got a sword of honour?


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