suggested resolutions

suggestions for detailed resolutions, in the order they came in.

(red for stuff i’m seriously considering, orange for stuff i’m considering somewhat, and the rest… generally i think i don’t need to consciously focus on it. or i’m focusing on too many other things this year already. or i’m gonna ignore it altogether. or something.)

p.s. (x2) means 2 ppl suggested it.

sports (another person specified golf)
– new language (x2)
seek God (x2)
– drums
– charity work
– find a girlfriend! (x2) (seems like my friends think i’m pathetic that way=P)
– ask weiying out when bored
– karate/judo/kendo
– care/share more. (includes sharing wealth)
– learn new vehicle
cooking (another specified baking)
treat mum better
– first aid course
– fishing
read (x2)
– lose weight!
– pass ippt
– be weiyi’s servant for a year
– build up, bulk up
– train metal perseverance
– shower huiyuan with care & concern
– be more sensitive
– train discipline
work toward goal in life
friends (new and old)
watch films and performances
improve guitar

ow my brain hurts looking at this list. will get back to this some other time. now for slacking! play game. barbye.


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