bad luck

this just hasn’t been my week!

tuesday. kena guard duty. wasn’t that bad, since i got to skip the next morning’s lessons (which were really boring and useless anyway). basically what i did was to patrol the island on tuesday night (some zzz breaks in between too), then do some shut-eye on wednesday morning. the bad thing was that they had some staff parade thing and they asked everyone to show their id tag and i didn’t bring mine. so i was given 1x confinement. crap!

wednesday. ippt disruption test 1. if i’d passed this, i could have turned civilian for a glorious 8+ days! sadly, i failed standing broad jump. by 4cm. bugger. next test is on 13 Jan. hope i can get out then! even though BMT starts on 16 Jan so i’d have to book in on 15th. better than nothing! not too confident, though. i’d barely scraped past for pullups and shuttle run.

saturday. confinement. basically watched everyone book out, then went to sleep. kinda. did some other stuff too i guess, but not very much.

sunday. book out. gonna go back tekong in around 6 hours’ time? crappiness.

on another note, allan yue (18th council president) is getting Sword of Honour. basically he’s the top officer cadet for ADA (Air Defence Artillery). wow. i’m inspired to work harder for BMT! haven’t really been performing so far. haha. larlarlar.


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