i was surprised to find recently that i rather miss my ex-colleagues. haha. they’re nice ppl (generally), actually. i was planning to visit them again but it seems like i won’t be able to until end of bmt. that’s like, end march. gah. unless i get to disrupt, but i don’t think i can pass ippt. still about 20cm short for standing broad jump. grrr. and 1 pullup, but i think the latter’s actually easier to settle.

most of my xmas cards are superlate. i’ve half a mind to just throw them away already. bleah. i’d make it up by doing more birthday cards this year. i hope.

louis-isms explained.

someone mentioned to me that ‘gah’ sounded so… me. actually i’d thought it rather common… but yeah i don’t really know many others who use it. maybe meiling. did you pick it up from me or something? hmm. but anyway, i’d actually adopted it from shakespeare. believe it or not… don’t remember which play (romeo and juliet maybe? my sec4 text), but i saw the line ‘Gah!’ from some character and was extremely amused by it for some reason and so started incorporating it into my typing ‘speech’.

another one… ‘bleah’. i’d thought i developed this myself (refined from the ugly ‘bleargh’ i see around), but looks like lots of ppl use it too, so i dunno.

any others i’d missed out on?


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