wow. movie marathon. well, not really. but i left the house at about 8pm and just reached home about 5am. a lot of slacking time between 2 movies. scary movie 3 (lame) and school of rock (much better. not a bad show, though not really great either).

random thought: in a relationship, having more mutual friends is really nice. from observation, when old cliques meet up and some new boy/girlfriends are introduced, there’s some discomfort. or even if there isn’t, there’s some boredom. or something like that. this isn’t really a problem for the council couples i know… since we’re all one big clique (kinda) anyway. i guess that the extroverts don’t really mind getting to know new people, but for the introverts, having to socialise with your other half’s friends can be kinda a chore. true/false? haven’t had the chance to test this myself =P


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