end of long weekend

my 4-day long weekend is about to draw to a close… reporting back to work tomorrow. will prob be doing quite a bit of admin stuff and running here and there, as well as free lunch at chevron’s! (which i hear sucks). have to sew my name tags and rank to my camouflage uniform. blah. starting to get packed already… it’s a horrible thing to do, packing is. i now dread the day i start packing for overseas. haha. or to move house, if ever… shudder.

so anyway i was doing some spring-cleaning earlier. discovered to my horror that i hadn’t kept this pile of cards i had on my desk. it contained 2002’s xmas cards. even one 2002 birthday card. gosh. anyway, after keeping them, my drawer’s now full. darn. will have to expand to another one.

i think i’d suffer horribly in bmt. haha. i’m totally not the physical sort. which really messes up my chances of ocs, i think. drat. ah well. it’s just 1.5 years left. at least i’m pretty glad that i’ve managed to train up some during these months at mindef. i’ve upped pullups from 0 to 4, and cut my 2.4 time by about 2min… think i should be able to get those 2 weeks of civilian life by passing ippt… yippy.

ok… so i guess my blog will be silent for some time again. meanwhile i think i’d go work on those xmas cards. yep, another batch to work on. think they’d be late again this year. groan.


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