Monthly Archives: December 2003


wow. movie marathon. well, not really. but i left the house at about 8pm and just reached home about 5am. a lot of slacking time between 2 movies. scary movie 3 (lame) and school of rock (much better. not a bad show, though not really great either).

random thought: in a relationship, having more mutual friends is really nice. from observation, when old cliques meet up and some new boy/girlfriends are introduced, there’s some discomfort. or even if there isn’t, there’s some boredom. or something like that. this isn’t really a problem for the council couples i know… since we’re all one big clique (kinda) anyway. i guess that the extroverts don’t really mind getting to know new people, but for the introverts, having to socialise with your other half’s friends can be kinda a chore. true/false? haven’t had the chance to test this myself =P



i recently stood a friend up. kinda. was supposed to meet up yesterday, but was feeling kinda lousy (as in very tired. aching muscles and all) after booking out, so requested a later time. then later smsed again to call it off.

oh no. i feel so bad. i don’t normally do this, plus it’s something i’d been blaming others for doing… not sparing the time, making the effort, etc etc… and now i’m guilty of it! sigh.

shall make a conscious effort to avoid doing such shitty things in the future. if you’re reading this, friend, i sincerely apologise. blah.

where's the tim tam?

i’ve been having trouble locating tim tam lately. i’m not exactly actively searching for it, but the petrol kiosks, 7-11s, and cold storages near my house don’t seem to have it. ponder.

oh my gosh. while searching for a picture to link to, i’ve discovered tim tam goodness which we singaporeans are sadly missing. anyone going to australia soon? =P

late cards

gah my xmas cards are so late. think i’d bring them into camp to do. haha. hadn’t thought i’d have free time to do them, but i do. if training continues at the same pace, anyway. lar.

delayed uk apps

ffff. email autoreply from the vj teacher in charge of uk university applications…

“I am on leave in France and will not attend to email promptly as I am in a remote district. If you are a VJC UCAS candidate the next deadline is January 15, 2004 and all UCAS forms outstanding will have been processed well before that date. Have a very Happy Christmas.”


watched infernal affairs 3 today. liked it quite a lot! wow. nice show. better than 2. not sure if i prefer 3 or 1 more, since they appealed to me in different ways. probably infernal affairs 1 was the groundbreaking type. but this is probably my favourite trilogy of all time. especially since return of the king had left me rather disappointed =(

more dvds to buy! my poor wallet…

argh. feeling lazy. sleepy. dowan to go back to tekong. haha. oh well. must learn how to shoot at least. then can defend the nation. i’d actually felt rather useless being a clerk. larlarlar. am i an ideal product of national education, or what?

have you ever wondered, why must we serve?
because we love our land, and we want it to be free, to be free… yah!

-army song

disjointed, sleepy thoughts

the first bookout. ah, singapura. how i love thee. i tell you, having bmt on tekong is an insidious (though effective) method of boosting our recruits’ patriotism. the first thing i ate upon reaching mainland was old chang kee. haha. followed by one mcdonalds ice cream cone. at home, the computer keyboard and mouse felt foreign to the touch (GASP). seriously. at first i’d thought someone had changed the mouse while i was away. even now, i’m making many mistakes in my typing. crappy. all those months of clerical training, down the drain… =P

tekong’s been ok so far. i’ve been posted to ninja company instead of taurus (phew!), so there’s much more welfare. or so i’ve heard. we do get to wake later at least. frankly, i’d expected worse, but i guess it’s because it’s only ptp (physical training phase). the commanders have pumped us and blamed us for our sloppiness and saying how horrible we are and stuff, but i suspect it’s all part of the ‘training curriculum’. irritating. no way to know how we’re performing compared to the norm. whatever that is.

on another note, it’s kinda weird being with all the ’85 guys. i’d initially thought them kinda childish… haha. oh well. i’m probably just too lost in the ns life, lost touch with school life already…

watched lotr today. kinda disappointed with it, actually… possibly because i don’t know too much about the backstory. i know the director was trying to follow the book, but i’ve always thought that tolkien stinks, so i personally have no issue with the movie’s outcome being changed to make it nicer. so sue me.

ok i’m about to drop dead with exhaustion. probably will be watching infernal affairs 3 tmr. hope it’s good!

CRAP. left my toothbrush and toothpaste on that island. guess i’d be sleeping with a smelly mouth tonight. shall buy replacement sets for home use tmr. grrr. zzz.

reality check

ARGH diediediediedie.

obviously the illogical euphoria has ended. i’m sure this realistic panic is totally not something i prefer, though.

it’s super late and i’m still awake. gonna die tmr.

also found out that i’m missing a green mug and SAF swimming trunks. hope i get the chance to purchase extras… or something. gah.


i’m currently strangely excited about bmt. haha. i don’t know why. i foresee myself getting tired and all. but for some reason i’m in a really positive mood now. this is super weird. i was dreading the booking in and everything… why so jolly now? oh well.

jingle bells!

christmas cheer

radio’s been playing those pop christmas songs lately. i find them quite a pleasant listen. puts me in a festive mood. ho ho ho! wonder if they’d allow us to sing xmas songs in tekong. haha. it’d be quite fun/amusing, jogging around the school singing jingle bells

dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh…