was at my grandma’s wake earlier. just started, it’s the usual gold-paper folding thingy now. felt very out of place since i hardly know anyone, or even the chinese customs. luckily there was this one cousin i was talking to… never really spoke much to him before since he’s closer to my brother’s age. more of his playmate lah haha. gosh, that cousin’s married already! he’s only… 25? or so. wow.

anyway, he was apparently trying to get me to remember some of the ‘good old times’… which i don’t really remember, but some were funny as hell. like apparently there was this time where he, my brother, and i were ganging up on this female cousin of ours. one of us would smack her, she’d try to retaliate, then in the midst of this another of us would smack her. lightly, i think. then in the end she’d be all confused and stuff. haha. oh no. bullies were we. i think it was the sort of thing i’d have done in the past… i remember not liking her.

but i was really shocked to hear my brother had a part in it too. haha. gor! do you remember this incident? guilty as charged?


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