tension at the top

i hit the track today! yes, hot sun and everything. 12:03. horrifying! i slacked too much in the middle… took longer than 4min to complete the second round! (the track is 800m, so i ran 3 rounds for 2.4) think i’m not fit enough for bmt… die liao. crapcrapcrap.

the tension between the 2 BGs in my department is rising. gosh. and i’m one of the causes. my new branch heard is a recently-retired BG (Brigadier General, third-highest rank in SAF), and he’d wanted to give me some off since i’m staying longer than NSFs are usually required to anyway (to lock up after him). he’s quite nice to me, despite stories of his temper. think it’s because i’m about his second son’s age (doing a-levels this year). he definitely talks to me more than my previous boss did! haha.

anyway, the problem with that was the department’s policy that off can only be approved by the department head, another BG. who almost never gives off. so my boss was like, outraged and insulted that he (a former BG) was not being allowed to give his clerk some off. this apparently got the chief clerk and the dept head’s PA (Personal Assistant) rather worked up as they tried to work out a compromise. happily i was unaware of what was going on until quite late in the day. then i felt kinda bad, but well, singaporean mah. got free off must try and get right? larlarlar.

so there’s suddenly a new arrangement where the PA helps take over my locking up duties when she’s staying back late as well. no point both of us staying back when it’s just to lock up, which i definitely agree on =P and i might be getting one or two half-days off, depending on how generous my dept head is gonna be… they’re gonna try to request for it on my behalf. hmm. hopefully can lah. a day of leave saved is still a day!


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