Monthly Archives: November 2003

slow availablility

wahlau! woe is me. the *friendly* neighbourhood store says it’d be there only next week. what is this man!?! the quality of the service has dropped immensely… i remember the good old days when games came out BEFORE the official release date! sheesh! lousy things. anywhere with more up-to-date stuff? =P



yay. i’ve immortalised the hedgehog picture by putting it in my archives page. also accessible via those links at the top of the posts.

kotor tomorrow yay! maybe i’d play light side instead. decisions, decisions… fwah.


crap. i’ve sunk back into the lazy-is-me syndrome, also known as the they’re-gonna-tekan-me-into-shape-anyway syndrome. haven’t been exercising lately… then have been eating quite a bit! haha. shucks. die liao. gah.

i really hope to pass my ippt though, haha… 2 weeks of (total?) freedom is no joke. there should be lots of games i’d want to play during that time, like ffx2, kotor, and hotu


was at my grandma’s wake earlier. just started, it’s the usual gold-paper folding thingy now. felt very out of place since i hardly know anyone, or even the chinese customs. luckily there was this one cousin i was talking to… never really spoke much to him before since he’s closer to my brother’s age. more of his playmate lah haha. gosh, that cousin’s married already! he’s only… 25? or so. wow.

anyway, he was apparently trying to get me to remember some of the ‘good old times’… which i don’t really remember, but some were funny as hell. like apparently there was this time where he, my brother, and i were ganging up on this female cousin of ours. one of us would smack her, she’d try to retaliate, then in the midst of this another of us would smack her. lightly, i think. then in the end she’d be all confused and stuff. haha. oh no. bullies were we. i think it was the sort of thing i’d have done in the past… i remember not liking her.

but i was really shocked to hear my brother had a part in it too. haha. gor! do you remember this incident? guilty as charged?

rain rain

it’s been raining a lot lately. drizzling.

my favoured weather, but i haven’t been running this week either. drat.

random (and may not so random) thoughts

i’ve been somewhat antisocial of late. nothing really new about that i guess, but i don’t really feel like talking to anyone these days. not even bothering trying to catch the londoners recently.

i’ve been thinking on my list of friends/companions/acquaintances/etc. wondering what they figured me as… friend, companion (someone to hang out with?), just a hi-bye acquaintance, someone to vaguely know about, or just an unlabelled entry on a long list of names? i dunno, but i suspect that the number who count me as ‘friend’ is depressingly low. ‘friend’ by my definition, anyway. whatever that be. then again, it’s hardly unfair, since the number of people i count ‘friend’ is not exactly very large either. what’re the odds of those people counting me as one too?

i feel destined to depart from this world without having made a mark on it in any way. not really what i want, but i’ve no idea how to get things going in any other way. sigh.

i think i can be downright obnoxious at times. never really noticed this before, but reading back on some comments i’ve made and stuff, yeah. i think it’s normally because i don’t really bother what the masses think about me. only the opinion of a few matter. but i think it’s also because i can be very insensitive at times. i’m sorry.

i do not suffer fools gladly. when someone does/says something i think is downright stupid, i am perfectly willing to make scathing remarks or seem like an outright jerk in response. it’s probably a really arrogant thing to do. shucks. i’m nicer when i think the person’s a nice one, though. either ignore the scenario or try to gently correct him/her.

abnormal psychology?

practically everybody stares at me weirdly when i tell them i’m gonna do psychology in uni. what’s with this? is it that weird a choice? thought it’d been becoming more and more popular in the recent years. hmm.

it’s not like it’s a totally weird subject. the study of how people think. isn’t everyone interested in that? even if you think about it pragmatically… there’re definitely job opportunities! last i checked (only bothered with civil service), Defence, Home Affairs, and Education are all looking for psychologists! i’m pretty sure they can get jobs in the private sector, too. and i think there’s definitely a market for clinical psychologists in the future in this stressful land!

i’m stumped. hmm.

one of these things

haha. another kiddy song stuck in my head… sheesh! something like “one of these things is not like the other, one of these things blahblahblah”. kinda cute!

edit: ok i found out it’s a sesame street thingy! so amusing.

home again

i’m home again!

supposed to go for this talk at DTTA (near CMPB) later. yay. registration is 1430-1500 so i just have to reach there before 1500. hmm. left office at 1230. haha. it’s like a half-day before a long weekend! hooray.

UCAS Application

03:16 11 Nov 2003 Your application has been checked by your referee/co-ordinator.

Your reference has not yet been started.

at last! it begins! =P