selling out

oh man. for a moment there i nearly sold out.

i recently found out that there was a sms (psychology) scholarship which i qualified for (aside from the yet-to-be-determined ‘good performance in bmt and ocs’). i was actually considering applying for it. main reason? the money is good. while studying, you get full officer’s salary in addition to allowance. wow.

so i was toying with the idea with applying for quite a few hours. like from afternoon until now. finally decided that it wasn’t worth it. ultimately, i highly doubt i’d be happy in the SAF, so i think i should stick to something i think i’d be happier in. easy for me to say, i guess, since it’s quite tough to get the sms even if i qualify, but the thing is i shouldn’t even consider it. money isn’t everything.

i’m so proud of myself! would have been rather disgusted if i’d ended up applying. hmmph.


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