i’ve got a teh-si addiction.

everytime i’m in office, i absolutely must get a cup of the stuff, for some reason. i get really stoned otherwise. funny thing is, this addiction doesn’t affect me in the slightest during weekends. or when i’m at home.

it’s a mindef conspiracy, i tell you. apparently the canteen coffee shop owner is a retired warrant officer. who was once in a boyband. i kid you not. fine, it’s just rumours, but i almost died of laughter upon hearing this.

welcome to the world of military gossip.

on related news. you know milo dino? basically milo with a pile of milo powder on top of it. well, i’ve heard of a new variation (haven’t seen it yet though) – milo godzilla. apparently they use chocolate ice cream instead.

there’s tehccino and miloccino too, which are the teh and milo equivalents of cappuccino. once more, innovations of the mighty malay coffeeshop.


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