5-day week!

come this november, i’d be working a 5-day week.

spending leave in the process, of course. think what? haha. oh no i’m really on for ocs right now. i’m just spending my leave such that in the event i do end up in ocs (and thus will be unable to take leave for the year), i won’t end up commuting the leave to pay (what, $10 per day or something?)… at least, i think that’s how it works. hmm. it’s all carefully calculated.

and even if i got something wrong, heck, it’s time to pamper myself a little before going back to bmt. haha. anyway, leave-planning was fun. was trying to see the best way to use up 4 days of leave… creating ultralong weekends gives a supershiok feeling. yay! hooray for conveniently-timed public holidays.


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