my ideas are being stolen!

i was just asked by a friend if i’d ever thought of writing children’s storybooks. after i greeted him in an extremely silly-story manner (i shan’t elaborate). i thought about it, figured i might like to do so during my twilight years, then mused once more on how bad timing is once more.

if you didn’t already know, recently there’s been this hoo-ha about our poor standards of english, based on poor essays written in some mock GP question they sprang in 5 jcs. see, if i were an experienced ex-english teacher, i can start publishing children’s books now and get life to review them and say how excellent they’d be to give our little minds a headstart in Good English! yay. alas, my plans are not to be. i won’t be swimming in oodles of money anytime soon! shucks. i envy scrooge mcduck sometimes =)

i knew about this quite some time ago, but didn’t really think it worth mentioning. remember my musings on the possibility of smu psychology? well apparently smu’s read my blog and stolen my idea! =P err. well. kinda, anyway.

ok, this is probably the only time i’d be wishing i were 40 years old. haha. otherwise i’m quite happy to be young and full of energy (supposedly, anyway). oh well. c’est la vie. i’m sure more mini-dreams will pop up along the way. haha.

i’d keep the storybook idea in mind in case singapore’s standard of english is still sucky two decades later, though.


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