Monthly Archives: October 2003


i’m so dead. i’m being sent to Taurus company after all. 9 Dec 03.

i wanna be a lifegem. remember that!


bored now

i’m reallyreallyreallyreallyreally bored. the level of boredom where u start thinking about crossing roads in dangerous traffic.

i’m really happy about my upcoming ‘long weekend’ (saturday off) but i’ve realised i kinda have nothing to do then. hmm.

six degrees

friendster finally got irritating. after getting quite a few requests to be added by people i hardly talked to, i proceeded to do the good ol’ antisocial thing and deleted them all. larlarlar. now they probably think i’m an unfriendly @%!#^!#^!% (if they even notice, anyway). which is rather true, i guess. anyway i agree with this article six degrees of separation or unification?

selling out

oh man. for a moment there i nearly sold out.

i recently found out that there was a sms (psychology) scholarship which i qualified for (aside from the yet-to-be-determined ‘good performance in bmt and ocs’). i was actually considering applying for it. main reason? the money is good. while studying, you get full officer’s salary in addition to allowance. wow.

so i was toying with the idea with applying for quite a few hours. like from afternoon until now. finally decided that it wasn’t worth it. ultimately, i highly doubt i’d be happy in the SAF, so i think i should stick to something i think i’d be happier in. easy for me to say, i guess, since it’s quite tough to get the sms even if i qualify, but the thing is i shouldn’t even consider it. money isn’t everything.

i’m so proud of myself! would have been rather disgusted if i’d ended up applying. hmmph.


although the concept of the lifegem has been around for some time already, i’d only given it some thought rather recently. i haven’t really thought of how i’d like to go yet, but this is starting to sound like a rather funky way of storing my remains. you can probably even create a family diamond gallery… haha.

i think it’s much cooler than being stored in an urn. or under a tombstone… heck, given enough years, a hdb flat will probably sprout up on top of me if i opt to be buried. this is, after all, singapore!

getting to know me

had a mini “getting to know you” session with my new boss earlier. basically just asking about my background, and sharing a little about his. he seems like an okay person. i think. i suspect it gets ugly when he loses his temper. from various things i’ve heard. in fact it’s the thing he highlighted about himself.

i’m quite easy to work with, just that i might be impatient sometimes. -grins- sometimes, yup. (paraphrased lah)

and just before that he’d asked me if i knew anything about him. haha. i said i only knew he was formerly Commander 3Div. then he started grinning almost sinisterly. haha. i suspect he knows i’ve heard a lot more about him. larlarlar. oh well, i’d only be here for 45 more days, anyway.

Greatest Hits Collection

wow. i sure did a lot more blogging back in those livejournal days, as compared to these days. i think. especially when i’d just started. ah, the enthusiasm of youth. haha. so i’m done looking back at them, and here are a few which i quite liked.

sick cycle carousel
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my wonderful new year essay

misc thoughts

the tranquility of the road
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crossing the road


a night for reminiscence.

i’ve been looking back at my livejournal entries tonight. isn’t it funny how much can change over a year or so? like how physics was once my bane and chem was once my favourite. and how i’d once tried to form a guitar quartet (we actually met up before, i think), but it flopped. i’m slightly disappointed about that, actually. especially since it seems we’ve all drifted away already, this day.



ooooh. lexus goes funky!

actually quite a few of the cars at Tokyo Motor Show 2003 look really cool. and futuristic. they’re probably concept models, but we should be seeing some of them on the roads within the next ten years. haha. cool!

Metrosexual South Park

oh man. this week’s south park episode was to die for! you know the recent obssession with metrosexual culture? well, this week’s episode was about that. it was really amusing watching the kids dressed up differently, with their metrosexual know-how. ahahaha. if you’ve no idea what they normally look like, click here to find out.

Metrosexual South Park

(from South Park Studios)

Well boys and girls, the wait is finally over! Starting this Wednesday at 10:00pm Comedy Central will begin airing eight ALL-NEW South Park Episodes beginning with “South Park is Gay!” Launching the second half of the seventh series, episode 708 has the whole town joining the hip new homosexual craze. Suddenly, it’s cool to be gay! Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny go head to head with the other kids to see who can be the “gayest,” while Mr. Garrison responds with, “If straight people are gonna steal our culture, then us REAL gays are just gonna have to step it up a notch!”