Monthly Archives: August 2003

tim tam quality control

important note to self.

tim tam bought in malaysia (made in indonesia!), though much cheaper, is far inferior to the ones bought in singapore (made in australia!).


silly pride

pride is one of the silliest of things.

knowing this, i often opt to give in to people. in effect, i think i might seem rather like a wuss/pushover. i still have a limit, though. and when this limit is reached, i’m often stuck in a dilemma of whether to hold on to this silly pride, or to just give in once more.

pride, though silly, needs to be fed at least periodically.

awol brain

i was trying to do my ucas personal statement earlier when i discovered that my brain has gone AWOL (absent without official leave). couldn’t really start. and thinking back on the past few months, i think i’m really dumber than before.

oh no. my brain’s probably enjoying life in the bahamas or something while i’m left rotting here!


i haven’t worn this shirt for a pretty long time, but i was looking for a white-based t-shirt to match khaki berms (yes i have some colour coordination) (albeit based on giordano’s khaki/white advertisments) to wear out to novena square (brought my sis to buy teachers’ day cards), so i picked this one out to wear.

Image Hosted by

school never does seem fun, until you’re done with it.

same old brand new posts

i’ve kinda just started using the ‘loudspeaker’ function on my 6100. pretty alright. much more comfortable than the handsfree set. think i’m gonna abandon that device already!

updated vehicle timetable follows.

1) toyota vios
Toyota Vios

-unknown intermediaries-

2) lexus of the future
Lexus of the future

well! i’d probably stick to cheap cars until i get rich. muahaha. and by then (far far in the future. if ever), who says the cars on the market won’t look like this? =P

sky photography

i’ve never been that interested in astronomy, so i didn’t really notice when the papers mentioned that mars would be at its closest to earth in 60000 years. but just now my mum pointed the red ‘star’ out to me and i thought it looked rather pretty. so i got back to my photography attempts!

Image Hosted by

well, i guess you can’t really see much from such a small photo. but it did look quite pretty. like a lone ruby in the sky. heh. if you’re reading this at night these few days, can try hunting for it! maybe it’s still there!

hotel conference

for this week, most of the ppl in my office are out of the office most of the time. leaving me in a mostly-vacant office. which is pretty idyllic, i guess, but rather boring as well. oh well. at least i get to go home very early if my boss isn’t around.

i’ve just found out that from 4-12 sept i might be involved at some thingy at marina mandarin. i was pretty ok with that (change of environment), until i found out that on several of the days i’d be required to stay till like 2am (or worse). gosh. plus my role’s probably not very big (haven’t been briefed yet), so it seems like a real big waste to me. gah.

what to do… sigh.


had one of my most thrilling driving encounters just now.

was going on the ramp to BKE. figured that since there weren’t any other cars around and i was entering an expressway anyway, i should just zoom on in. however i didn’t figure that the ground was still wet from earlier rain. so while turning (right) up the ramp at approx 60km/h, the car started sliding to the left. slightly panicked, i quickly full-locked the wheel to the right while upping the acceleration. somewhat in contrary to what i’d learnt in advanced theory, but who remembers those stuff in situations like these? it worked, though, and thankfully i didn’t go into a spin. guess i wasn’t going quite fast enough to. whee! it was fun! haha.

p.s. i really don’t drive like that when there’re passengers, or other cars on the road. serious! but you’re free to drop me from your potential chauffeur list if you like. grin.

platonic impossibilities

i’ve heard ppl say.

if you’re unattached and she’s unattached, and you’re close friends, sooner or later both of you would be wondering why you two aren’t attached. to each other.

thoughts, anyone? i think i know at least one case which fits the bill. though it kinda ended in disaster if i recall correctly.


#$%^@#$ mosquitoes.

i awoke at 2+ in the morning because of them. even though i’d conked out at 10pm earlier.

now waiting for the aircon to do its job before resuming my slumber.