hit on?

girls these days are getting more and more daring.

just came back from intracouncil (an event where the past batches of vj councillors all come together, kinda). there were 2 girls from the 20th (current batch) who were manning the reception booth. ok so the story goes like this.

i’d noticed one of the girls staring at me already (i was standing near the booth). so i’d thought she’d heard my (semi-)joking comments on not paying the registration fee. so i (sheepishly) walked up to register and sign in and pay money. then in the process just started talking a bit lah. turned out that she’d thought i looked like ervin (the 19th vice-president) lor.

sidetrack – seems like it’s my curse to forever look like other ppl, but in a worse way. like i was supposed to resemble my senior Nicholas Beetsma, just that “he looked better” (exact quotation). and i’m supposed to resemble my junior Ervin. except that i’m “chubbier” (another exact quotation). while i don’t really deny either charge, it’s still rather demoralising. heh.

but anyway! yah so basically that was that for awhile. then later sometime during the even i happened to walk past the booth again (the place was really small) and we talked a bit more. basically more on the resemblence to ervin, that’s when the “chubbier” comment came up. grr. haha. yah so off i went again.

so near the end of the event, the reception girl came up to me and shook my hand, and commented that i “look really cute”. that’s the part which totally shocked me. i mean, i’m really flattered (and apparently egoistically posting it here for all to see), i said thanks and all, but i mean, it’s not something i’m used to lor. this is singapore, not the west! tsk.

i think i need to escape the 60’s mentality =P


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