Creative LX200

Creative LX200

my new toy! the Creative Digital MP3 Player LX200.

oh, don’t worry. i didn’t throw my money away for this one. sold my one-year-old ipod and used the marnee to get this. figured i didn’t need such a large player, plus i was worried the battery might have been dying (it’s built-in, so having it changed is extremely troublesome). well, same problem with the LX200, but at least i know i can send it to a creative service centre to have it fixed!

basically little opportunity cost involved, and i gained about 70 bucks in spare cash. economics rules! in justifying these decisions to myself. heh. anyway, it just feels nice buying a creative product. like… supporting the local economy. patriotism! wow.

even if the player says ‘made in korea’ on the behind…


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