Monthly Archives: June 2003

matchbox twenty

matchbox twenty ROCKS!

i almost feel guilty not buying their album. oh well. i actually bought mad season last time! wow. though a secondhand copy. still, money’s money!


bus rides

it’s strange how bus rides to work help to refresh me somewhat, but bus rides home make me sleepy.


coolness! i’ve just discovered how to use irc to download whole cds. of software. and games.

that makes me happy! WOOHOOO!!!

uk application

weird. i just emailed the school scholarship teachers about uk application procedure… because for vj, we normally submit through the school… but moe wants me to submit through them instead… so i mailed to ask about teachers’ reports.

mr ho wei kang (the maths hod) asked me what course and uni i was interested in, as part of the reply.

Interesting… didn’t know that was your area of interest. :)
So I presume it’s not a teaching scholarship. What award is that under MOE?
Ok, in any case, all the best in NS (Finished your BMT?) and thereafter.

> psychology @ university of york. 2 years of ns to go… haha.
> thanks!

eh. since when did he know where my area of interest was? never even really talked to me before… were they secretly tracking me or something? but i wasn’t even on the potential scholars’ list! tsk. i suspect he’s just crapping. heh.

oh well. at least he didn’t comment on my weakness in statistics, in relation to my wish to study psychology. that’s something he should know about. i mean, even mr poon, another maths teacher with little relation to me, knew when my prelim grade was much improved from my standard common test (c to o) grade… gosh. vj teachers probably monitor student grades like the stock market!

Creative LX200

Creative LX200

my new toy! the Creative Digital MP3 Player LX200.

oh, don’t worry. i didn’t throw my money away for this one. sold my one-year-old ipod and used the marnee to get this. figured i didn’t need such a large player, plus i was worried the battery might have been dying (it’s built-in, so having it changed is extremely troublesome). well, same problem with the LX200, but at least i know i can send it to a creative service centre to have it fixed!

basically little opportunity cost involved, and i gained about 70 bucks in spare cash. economics rules! in justifying these decisions to myself. heh. anyway, it just feels nice buying a creative product. like… supporting the local economy. patriotism! wow.

even if the player says ‘made in korea’ on the behind…


solitary figure,
he strolls down the street.
wears bottled Emotion,
the scent of the week.
stormclouds gather,
promising much rain.

solitary figure,
alone, drenched,
yet free.

smu psychology

i finally have a dream! just a dream, not a goal. cos i think it’s too unrealistic. but here’s the plan.

i’ve been toying with the idea of going for PhD (Psychology). would probably pursue that path if i’m not suited for the MOE job… an academic life. professorship. heh.

anyway, i was thinking about how sucky NUS psychology is reputed to be. and how there isn’t really much alternative to it here in singapore. then the bus i was travelling on happened to pass by the SMU campus. then it hit me! if there’s no competition, why not create competition?

after all, psychology is still relevant to management… okay fine i guess psychology is loosely relevant to a lot of things, but heck! still can lah! and with smu’s overseas-style, plus the lack of competition from other local unis, plus the growing demand to study psychology (i think) these days, i think it’d work out. esp if it can be taken as a minor. hmm.

would be cool if i can somehow start a psychology dept there… too bad, i lack quite a few qualifications…

1) PhD (Psychology)

2) experience as a professor

3) connections with SMU high-ups

oh well, just a li’l dream. haha. by the time i achieve these qualifications, if ever, the conditions in sg have prob changed a lot already…


think i’m getting too used to these lastminute outings i’ve been having these few months. everyone’s kinda free, being in ns and everything. even the girls, normally not that busy. so on weekends, can just mass sms ppl and suddenly there’s an outing.

i forget that ppl become less available during their birthdays… have to book them early =P

glass houses


there’s the glass sliding door between my room and this com. i just went in my room, closed the door behind me. checked sms. walked back, slammed into door.


phone games

yay. reached the next stage in playing with my phone. have been installing games! muahaha. i now have bomberman and pacman installed. plus snake 2 (colour version). yeah, i know, old game, but the old ones are the best.