Monthly Archives: May 2003

dead hdd

my com died! hard drive. that makes me sad =(


the ordeal

finally! i’m back. yeah. have been very sleepy lately. like, i napped from 3-6 or something this afternoon and i’m still tired now. gosh. and i’ve lost weight. haha. but all muscle mass, it feels like… wasting away that week. sigh. time to regain it all as fats! munch munch.

-goes off to make cup noodles-

anyway, yeah it all started with the superhigh fever about 10 days back. felt pretty shitty then, but then the fever started dying down. then, right after it died down, apparently my platelet count (platelets are the things in your blood which are involved in clotting. solidifying to form scabs to protect wounds) dropped quite a lot. so! off to tan tock seng hospital. i’m still not too sure why that particular one was chosen, whether it was the only one admitting fever cases, or because it was nearby. my GP had me referred there, so yeah. off i went.

after like 3 days, it got really boring. no visitors? and it was a class c ward (a and b reserved for SARS patients)… practically no facilities. and there was this really sick guy in the same ward, he kept coughing and puking and stuff… really disturbing. blah. at least i’m out. it was real boring there. heh.

and now! home quarantine order. because i’ve been in TTSH. so. eight days or so to go? i’m missing the very-nice-food out there… sigh. have to rely on family to ‘ta bao’ it for me =P


whoah. that was certainly quite an ordeal. ten days more of home quarantine order to serve, at that! blah. might update on the ongoings of the past few days when i’m less weary.


brrrr. maybe SAF isn’t that bad after all. stupid suspected-dengue.


you know you’re feeling really weak when a dry bath towel feels heavy to you…


i’ve got a pretty high fever. but i don’t really care, since there’s a 2-day MC involved. whoohoo. yeah, that’s how sucky SAF is…

i’d be far less happy if it does turn out to be dengue, like the doctor said. apparently a lot of cases in my area recently. oh well, as long as i don’t kick the bucket, i don’t really mind the days ticking off my ORD counter…

illegal driving

heh i just snuck the car to PS and back!!!

to collect booked tickets… cos i was scared they won’t allow, since supposed to show credit card when collecting, but i used my dad’s and he’s out. so, went there earlier to check if can collect. yay! have them now.

the funny thing is, no one in my family realised anything! except maybe my brother, once he reads this -larlarlar- or when he finds out i offed the car radio manually, since for some reason it didn’t turn off after i’d switched off the car engine…

wonder if he’d be irritated to find out i’d took his IC (p6 photo! unrecognisable) and license in case i got caught for anything =P


…dun pin too much hope on me. really. it’s hurt u in the end…

hmm. was the use of the present perfect tense intentional? i wonder. don’t worry, time heals all wounds. i can only hope for a brighter future.

Driving Practical

13 May – failed.

18 July – ?

oh well, at least that means i won’t be fighting with my bro for control of the car just yet… =P


ok, out with it. how many of you find this familiar?

there’s a messy wardrobe. my wardrobe. feeling lazy, just grab watever’s on top. hmm, newly washed clothes, guess i’d just dump them on top of the pile in the wardrobe.

next day! repeat cycle. ends up, i wear 2-3 sets of clothes my whole life (exaggeration) =P