Monthly Archives: March 2003


just watched chicago today! on… umm… ‘home theatre’. heh. it was nice!

and i hereby conclude that richard gere is one of the few charismatic old men on this planet.



hmm. actually went to see a doctor about the headache. for a HEADACHE. oh well. it was really extremely painful.

was given sleeping pills among other stuff. kinda scary, actually, after seeing so many pill-induced deaths on tv. haha. one of the most popular suicide methods on the tube.

maybe i’m just weird =P


sheeet. i hate split headaches.

but i guess they’re better than frickin’-headaches-that-are-so-bad-they-literally-make-me-cry. but i think this one’s on its way…


come to think of it, i remember watching some unknown movie called π (Pi), and the main character was some mathematician who was prone to these bouts of horrible headaches. and he’d suffer delusions during those attacks. as i recall, he ended up drilling into his own skull.


job description

-rubs chin suspiciously-

Information on EPs in MOE

Qualifying as an EP in MOE

The following qualifications are required to become an EP in MOE

1. Basic degree in Psychology

2. Teaching qualification

3. At least 2-3 years teaching experience

4. Masters in Educational Psychology

Suitable candidates with the first 3 qualifications can apply into HQ as EPAs whilst waiting to go for their masters training.

EP Job Scope

Assessment and Intervention

· Carry out psychological assessments for pupils referred with learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties

· Advise and work with school personnel and parents to support such pupils in their learning

· Carry out school-based interventions for such pupils

· Liaise with external professionals eg speech and language therapists on school-based support for such pupils


· Provide psychological perspective and resources in policy development

· Provide consultation to schools and MOE on a range of issues pertaining to education and learning support

· Provide consultation to teachers and parents on the management of pupils with learning disabilities and special needs


· Design and conduct training programmes for key school personnel eg Learning Support Coordinators

· Design and conduct training programmes for teachers

· Develop resources for teachers

· Carry out school-based workshops for teachers on a range of topics related to learning support


· Provide professional supervision to new EPs and EPAs

· Provide supervision to RSs


· Carry out research on a range of psycho-educational issues and areas

· Develop and/or adapt local instruments and tests


a sign that i’m no longer with the times…

i don’t recognise 80% of the songs on perfect ten top 20 (music) charts…

a sign that i’m old?

when i listen to those ‘top’ songs, i find them generally distasteful.

the ultimate insult?

i like the songs they’re playing on class 95 these days.


-extremely excited-

cambridge’s psychology is under ‘natural sciences’! which means i can do physics and psychology there! wow! i want i want i want i want!

now, all i need to do is to qualify…

rotting leaves

yet another of my sage observations about life…

aren’t you just glad that rotting leaves don’t stink? after looking at the brown-leaf-covered grass patches around the mindef bus stop… i sure am!

i am optimus prime

i like the transformers. really, i do! but this is really overfanatical, even for me.


-embarrassed look-

i signed up for some SAF self-grooming workshop. hahahaha. mostly to get the saturday off work, and because it was free, but i guess i could probably learn a thing or two from there.

the things one does to escape NS…


-dreamy look- fantasising about becoming a cambridge student. haha. probably won’t get in, but no harm trying, yah? like buying a toto ticket around chinese new year in a bid to increase chances of winning by an infinite percentage =P

add-on… ooops. looks like cambridge only offers sociology, philosophy and psychology as a block subject. i’d read up more, but i might not be interested after all… hmm.