Monthly Archives: February 2003

nydc pizza

food is such a marvellous discovery of humankind. without yummy food, the world would be a sad, sad, place.

nydc mushroom pizza – i like!



driving is. hmm. interesting. fun!

even if i can’t keep within the lane while turning, yet.

things i've learnt from hk tv

i know i’ve said the first one before, but heck, time to make a formal list, right? show everybody that tv is educational =)

there’re a few things learnt which seldom apply to real life, but heck, the media’s all about learning the wrong things, isn’t it?

1. when blackmailing a murderer, never arrange to meet in a deserted area where said murderer will have you silenced.

2. it’s tough being a handgun-armed policeman in a country where civilians easily gain access to military submachineguns…

3. characters who appear and disappear in one series, or die off, often have exact lookalikes suddenly spring up in sequels.

4. ppl say “i want to eat you!” in chinese when about to have sex. supposedly kinky or something, i dunno.

5. when a male accidentally falls on a female, or vice versa, they always end up in compromising almost-kissing positions, defying the combined laws of chance and gravity.

memory and personality

was watching dif3 vcds… in the show, the main female character, gao jie, has lost her memory. this kinda prompted me into thinking up some interesting (to me) things…

u noe how a person’s character depends on memory? well, environmental factors help shape character, right… and these are kinda imprinted into our minds as memory? so when someone has total amnesia, and your mind is wiped clean, it’s possible to become a totally different person?

so, i was wondering if what i thought was correct in the first place. the previous paragraph. then i wondered, now, if this total-amnesia person has developed a totally different character, and suddenly recalls his entire past, which character would be the dominant one now? would it be like the new person with added memories, the old person with added memories, or an amalgam of both? i suppose it’s the latter. but it’s a freaky thought, isn’t it.

what if somehow i gain new memories which aren’t mine? won’t i change? is it so easy to change a person? just with new memories. hmm. how about cloning? if somehow all my memories could be transferred into my clone, would he really act like me?

just more aimless wanderings of mine =p

air steward

the product of my mind-wandering @ mindef…

you know, if i don’t manage to get a scholarship, i was thinking, after my degree… maybe i can try to become an air steward. then stick to it for maybe 2 years, and when i’m done having fun seeing the world, i’d try for a job at moe or mha. or maybe further studies, if i’d saved enough of my allowance. haha.

problems being, demand for male stewards isn’t really that high, and i’m not sure i’d pass their selection anyway… but oh well. problem solved if i get the scholarship.

long weekend

hooray! my officer gave me a long weekend. so i don’t need to report to mindef tmr. actually, many nsfs get one saturday off every month, i think, but since my department happens to be devoid of nsfs… there’s no such ruling. but one of my officers wisely noted that none of them (my project team officers) were turning up tmr, so he just gave me a long weekend. cool.

he’s a LTC Tan… has been quite nice to me so far, entrusting me with slightly more brain-demanding jobs than the others… Tans of the world unite! hooray.

sugar intolerant

i think i’m losing my sugar addiction. i don’t really like soft drinks anymore, and my ex-favourite peel fresh citrus juice just doesn’t seem as yummy anymore.

another side-effect of growing up? this stinks =(

paper cuts

i definitely hate paper cuts… i mean, they’re okay now, everything’s fine, my hands are just a little rougher than usual, but once i wash my hands, it’s like a zillion little slits of exposed flesh on my hands. oh wait. that’s just what it is!

ok lah it’s not really that bad i just find it irritating. haha. give me a break, wat fun is ns if all ur friends are telling horror stories and u aren’t? even if i’ve got nothing very horrifying to report, i’ve still gotta try, yah =P


there’s this annual report my department is preparing… and my secondary* job is to assist the other permanent clerks in doing stuff so i was roped in to help prepare it. it’s some 200+ (let’s just assume 220 for simplicity) page document… 45 copies of it. problem is the photocopier kept jamming when they were trying to print it… so they ended up printing it page by page without using the automatic sorter… so they ended up having like, 220 stacks of 45 pages. pause and ponder this for a moment if you don’t get it =P

my job yesterday? grab a stack of 45, punch hole. repeat 220 times. that was a pretty good workout, actually. repetitive actions. probably gained some muscle mass! heh.

today… sorting. that really sucked… kinda like, layout 50 stacks of 45 pages on the table, start collecting pages… such that you end up with 45 copies of the document. but since there’s actually 220 pages, you have to repeat this whole process a couple of times. let’s just say that sorting alone took 6h. sheesh.

i didn’t mind the job itself that much, but i had to bend over slightly to pick up the papers while sorting… so i’m kinda having a backache now. and zillions of paper cuts. owwww.

* – tertiary really, my jobscope is something like this.

primary – project clerk

secondary – acting PA to a retired colonel

tertiary – just helping registry staff

catch me if you can

catch me if you can just thrilled me, for some reason. maybe because i didn’t expect much from it… wasn’t interested by the trailer… watched it mainly cos of the big name actors, director, and composer.

but anyway, i’m very impressed with it. expecially on how it’s supposed not to deviate much from a true story. gasp. this is scary.