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bluish \Blu”ish\
adj, somewhat blue

Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary, ¬© 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.


auld lang syne

i used to wonder what people were actually singing about when mouthing the lyrics to auld lang syne. then my youthful curiosity took over and i actually searched it up in a dictionary. something about times gone by. well, the days of my youthful curiosity are now auld lang syne.

i have changed quite a bit over the years, and for better or worse is kinda hard to tell. i’m inclined to think that it’s for the worse, however. i’m no longer as enthusiastic about things, or sensitive, or caring, as i once was. on the other hand, i’ve become more rational, composed, and well, stuff i don’t really like. i guess it involves being wiser, and getting hurt less of the time, but really, how much does one enjoy in life without passion?

the past 2 years have been a great learning experience for me. my decision to split from the rafflesian crowd was mainly to see how i’d do in a new environment. call it an experiment if you wish, but having been in the GEP since primary 4, i haven’t really met many new people for seven years. which is pretty long, i’d realised. i guess i managed to do okay in vj. i mean, the first sixth months were pretty torturous for me, but after i’d got the hang of it, it was pretty good. the trick in socialising, i think, is to somehow make a few good friends. one or two will do. from there, you’d expand your social circle to include mutual acquaintances, thus making more friends, and a chain reaction kinda occurs.

they have tested my older friendships as well. i’ve still drifted from many people i used to talk to often, but to those of you who’re still there for me, i can never thank you enough.

these two years have also confirmed my career goal in life. aside from peer influence (quite a few people i know are interested in teaching as well), i’ve met teachers different from those i’ve seen in ri. i suppose ri, being an independent school, had been much more selective in its employment of teachers. in vj, i’d witnessed teachers who couldn’t be bothered with their students, teachers (fine, a teacher) who physically punished their students for no apparent reason, and teachers who were teaching just for the sake of discharging their scholarship bonds. i know that i can be an educator far superior to them, and it is now my goal to do so.

the most unique thing which had happened to me in these past 2 years was the council term. i’d even written about it in my MOE scholarship application.

It was also in my JC years that I first experienced something totally different from anything I had done before in my life – council elections. Here I was, a graduate of Raffles Institution, formerly of the Gifted Education Programme, cream of the cream. Or so I thought. Running for council was a humbling experience, since for all my academic credentials, I was in no way better suited for the post of Student Councillor than any of the other candidates hailing from schools less prestigious than my own. I managed to get through, somehow, and was confidently planning my ascension into the executive committee. After a few weeks, though, it was clear to me that others were better suited for the posts. I had learnt a great lesson in leadership – that one must be able to follow, in order to lead. This is my major setback in my JC life, and yet, it is my greatest achievement. I was never a conceited person, but working so closely with people from different secondary schools during council term has taught me how unimportant in life academic aptitude can be. As long as one has the correct attitude, one will go far.

and, of course, with a paltry 500-word-limit, i hadn’t really done the council justice at all in this description. but the things which truly matter, the bonding, the trials, the friendships, are all details i’d doubted MOE to be interested in. what does it matter? i don’t need to write something down in order to know it’s there. some things simply cannot be expressed in words.

18th, i salute you.

it’s almost 2003, and i’m still not proud of myself as a person. may i persevere and progress in my quest to become a better person, and may God bless all whom i love.

sigh. how true, how true

Time: that which man is always trying to kill, ends in killing him
Herbert Spencer


okay, i take it back, i haven’t grown up and got over games yet! all it took was a little bit of multiplayer magic…

hooray! =P

soul mate

soul mate n.
One of two persons compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, or sensitivity.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

crap, all this while i’d thought it was just a synonym for life partner or something.

louistan idiosyncracy #328

just a thought. if ever i talk to you and what i say comes out not making much sense, chances are that’s a good sign. because i’d be speaking my heartfelt thoughts. if i weren’t, i’d probably be more coherent after having used some effort ordering my thoughts, and censoring stuff out.

alternatively, i’m just sleepy =P

browser upgrade

yay. quite glad. realised that much of the shitty performance of my computer was from the browser i was using (mozilla 1.2.1). upgraded to a nightly build (the partially-completed 1.3) and it’s wayyyyyyyyyyyyy faster.


secret service

i’m sure everybody knows about the ISD, but out with it, how many of you know about the SID?

i’d always wondered about singapore’s espionage capabilities… hmm. strange how i can just come about this information on some website. but yeah i verified the information with other sources already. i’m kinda shocked, never knew the president had such an interesting past. at least, i can only assume it’s interesting…


‘Internal Security Department (ISD)’
this unit, as the name implies, deals with the internal security of Singapore. any threats or intel gathering from within with relationship to the security of Singapore will be dealt with by this unit. aside from this, they also carry intel gathering on criminals and narcotics activities in Singapore, providing this info to the relevant authorities such as the Police force. this unit is also used to check on political threats within Singapore.Members of this unit are mostly from the Police force. The head of this department is a Director. the Director of ISD. he is usually a very high level civil servant. his name is not known to the public until he retires from service. that is only then when people knows that that person was a former director of ISD. Most Singaporeans know of the existence of this unit.

‘Security and Intelligence Department (SID)’
this unit is a highly secretive and non-existent unit. not a lot of people, other than extremely high ranking military and government officers know of its existence. they gather and assess intel info on the external threats to Singapore. most Singapore embassies or consulates overseas have at least one officer from this unit attached with them. officers of the SID are gathered from all branches of the civil service with the majority having military experience. they gather intel info from neighbouring countries to assess their threat to Singapore. this unit is highly important to the government of Singapore as they have provided accurate and exact intel info during times of crisis. the advantage of this unit is that the officers are known to very few people and most officers, for a pretext, work in other government branches or public sectors which have relationships with the government, eg, Ministry of Foreign Affair, Ministry of Defence, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Tourism Board as a front for their undercover duties. it is therefore impossible to identify officers from this unit. the current President of Singapore, S R Nathan, was a former Director of SID back in the 1970s and 1980s.

why a?

This diagram is an uncontrolled junction, which vehicle can go first, A, B, or C?

i’ve no freaking idea why the answer is A. i’d better go read up that basic theory booklet sometime.

how much is that doggy at the window?

introducing, snowy mk 2!