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too much

on that note, can anyone tell me what the heck is the difference between a jacket, a blazer, and any other weird word for that thing you wear over shirts?



bah. i’ve seen a nice (replacement) jacket for sdd. the problem is, it costs freaking $230+. wonder if i should get it. wonder wonder wonder. on one hand, it’s pretty casual-looking so i’d probably be able to actually use it at other times of my life. on the other hand, i feel rather cheated paying so much for casual clothing, plus it’s a colour i don’t often wear anyway… dilemma

think i’d look for cheaper alternatives in the meantime, but… argh. crap! sigh.

and i lost that nice pair of shoes i’d bought from… uh… a pasar malam. haha. but it was a nice pair! shucks. and cheap. bah. the world’s against my cheap sdd plan =P


not gonna take up the offer just yet… i think i’d wait till i’m actually in ns and know my schedule before deciding anything. probably this offer will be closed by then, but heck, i can probably get other sources somehow…

my life’s pretty boring now. ahhhhh. haha. oh well. stayover soon. i think. so. all’s not lost.


a-levels are just about effectively over. i’ve been playing my ps2 again. haha, here i am, once again a sad, sad, game addict.

wow! the feeling’s great! simply awesome!

on that note, kingdom hearts, the game by squaresoft and disney, is a surprisingly (to me) good one. i actually like the disney bits in it. and gosh, that must be the best voice-acting i’ve ever heard from a ps2 game. then again, with haley joel osment doing the voice of the main character, and many disney staff-members doing the other characters, how bad could it have been?

still, i’m rather apprehensive of results day. i keep thinking i’d quite possibly get 4 Bs. sucks, huh? i think that’s one of the ultimate worst scores to get… knowing that each of your subjects was a possible A… yeah, i know it’s probably better than FFFF, for example, but there’s an element of regret which is somehow… different… which i’m rather afraid of.

heck, a few more months anyway, right?

amusing note – a novena square burger king ‘auntie’ (whom i’d spoken to a few times before, back when i was patronising the place really regularly) asked if i was interested in tutoring her daughter for o-level physics. given that i’m unable to do any relief teaching, and that that’s very close to what i intend to do anyway, i’m really wondering if i should accept the offer… hmm.

wow i’m okay!

this can’t be right, i know i’m much worse than this! =P

I am 31% Internet Addict

I could go either way. Deep into the madness of nights filled with coding CGI-Scripts and online role playing games, or I could become a normal user. Good luck!

Take the Internet Addict Test at


wonderful. with the a-levels almost gone, i hereby conclude that barring a crazy paper 3, i have only one confident-of-A subject.

sigh. what a great way to end your jc life.


bleah, so i’m pathetic. just 2 days after the pc was lugged away, i’ve hooked up my brother’s old laptop to the monitor and everything at my normal comfy computer area. so it’s kinda substituting my desktop in its absence. still, there’s a good reason for this… they’re out of certain parts (like motherboard) for my new pc, so the stupid thing is on hold for 4 weeks! gosh, that’s like after i return from korea. grr.

so i’ve to do with this rather slow setup for 4 weeks too… argh… should demand a discount, man. hmmph.

new pc

whoo. gonna get myself a new custom-built pc soon. and since i’m sending my current one in tmr (to scrap for parts), it’d achieve the secondary (or is it primary?) effect of kinda forcing me to study.

yay yay yay okay i won’t be around for a week or so, then. i think.

more than meets the eye… Kaltor!

you know what, i’m highly amused.


i’d read about this before, but stumbling across the actual website is quite an experience!